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Originally Posted by PaceAdvantage View Post
I feel comfortable saying a horse's safety does NOT take a backseat to business interests. Now, obviously, this isn't always the case. But where else in the world is it the case?

Even PETA has been shown to kill a whole shitload of animals it had in its care at some of its shelters.

And yes, there are some trainers who are out there for the buck and will do anything to get it, including putting animals at risk.

But, for the most part, I would say that the horses in this game are cared for as best as possible, under the current guidelines in place.

Yes, you can complain about LEGAL medications such as bute (painkillers) and lasix (anti-bleeders). But they are legal for use and those using them are operating under the laws that are in place.

But just like any other industry, there are those individuals who seek to push the envelope and beyond. This isn't a perfect world.

But to postulate that horse's safety (and by extension, jockey safety) takes a backseat to business interests is unfair in my opinion.
Thank you.

There are many in the business who take great care of the horses.

There's a sickening story with photos making its round on FB about the ass**** who left a dog chained to the front porch in this weather and it was found frozen to death. Do we condemn all dog owners?
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