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--This was a recent post on the frustrations in dealing with BRIS:

Originally Posted by NorCalGreg
You have more patience than I, eb......I gave up trying to call Bris about ANYTHING.
They're a perfect example of complacency in a company that's on top--and sees no reason to update, improve, and STAY ON TOP.

One day soon, a smaller, more dynamic company will take them on--and Bris will become K-MART.

For proof, just look at their 1990's era website---old information, dead links, failure to upgrade even the simplest areas.

Rest on your laurels if you insist, Bris---but keep an eye on your rear-view mirror.

I'd like to add another thing...something I find very frustrating: Since I use software alot, and also constantly researching methods and angles...I'm signed up for the UNLIMITED DATA PLAN. I'ts a set fee, download files to your heart's content.

So a few months back--decided I wouldn't be needing the Unlimited data file plan for a few months--had plenty of files already, to use for research. I looked all over the site to end my subscription--found I will have to physically call Bris to accomplish this.

What the hell? In this advanced day of doing almost everything with a mouse-click..I have to make the dreaded BRIS CALL. I've found that, in itself, completely frustrating. This was no different...the person I spoke with, spoke perfect english--she just didn't what the heck I wanted.
She finally transferred me to someone more knowledgeable on this apparently complicated process, who informed me I would have to SEND AN E-MAIL TO SOMEONE ELSE--just to cancel. Which I reluctantly did.

Flash forward to a month ago---I decide I now need to re-activate my Unlimited Data Plan. Absolutely could not do this online--I would click "activate" and would get a message stating "you are already an active Unlimited plan member"

So...another dreaded Bris Call, more run-around---til finally--was told I need to SEND ANOTHER E-MAIL TO THE SAME PERSON, TO RE-ACTIVATE.

I won't name the person--she doesn't run the company, but I did voice my concerns with their antiquated website, and mind-boggling process, in my e-mail. Even asked her why Bris seems to make it difficult to spend money with them.
The reply:


This is to confirm the Unlimited PP Data Plan 9W has been added to your account effective today, February 8th, per your request.
You will be required to remain on the Plan at least through March 31st.
The Unlimited PP Data Plan 9W can be cancelled on or after March 31st, at the end of any given month.
When you wish to cancel your Plan, you MUST send an email to
PRIOR to the end of the month of cancellation.
I do understand and apologize for your frustration in having to send an email
every time you want to sign up or cancel an unlimited plan.
We are in a bit of transition right now with our systems and
please believe me when I say I understand your frustration completely.
We are doing all we can at our level .
So, be that as it may………..
Whenever you wish to sign up or cancel your unlimited plan,
You must send me an email at
I will always send you a confirming email back.
Let me know if you have any further questions.
My direct phone number is listed below.

So....she was nice about it. And did say they recognize the problem, and are working on it. I get that response from my cable company, too.

Time to get it together, 5 years ago.

Anyone else have problems with Bris?
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