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Arrow *Handicapping Methods-Spot Play Testing-Software Etc

Decided to move my tack over here, if no one minds. The old thread seemed to become another selection thread, with limited handicapping ideas or discussion. Thask started the old HTW thread, with the intention of board members posting their own Horses To Watch. A noble idea, just wasn't enough participation. I, and others kept it going by posting whatever--Horses to Watch, method/angle testing, etc. I took to just typing up what ever was on my mind, rants, praises, complaints---and my specialty...writing up entire essays on peculiar Trainer moves.

Some of the PM's I've gotten were memorable---had one hot streak last ever get in a zone with your handicapping---and can't lose?
There's some Twitter groups that scour the 'net--finding 'cappers who are winning.
They briefly found me...I was flattered, really...they said nice things.

Til the inevitable streak stopped cold. I went from being the toast of Twitter--to the scum of the earth People can be soooo cruel.
Another thing I noticed...alot of members here, seem to prefer PM over actually posting. That is perfectly fine , no problem there.

Hope some of you will join me---Post an angle...your own methods--particular software program ya have is killing it--let us all know, please. Would really rather have company here--john, Ucapper, creek, Winger, mike, lambo, big red, Randall....and everyone else. Ideally, post anything, with some 'capping knowledge attached--so we can maybe learn something. I know some of you Seniors on this board--are some of the sharpest 'cappers we have.

Enough of my history....The last thing I was doing, was posting plays of a new longshot method. The method started out as a "sub-24 second final quarter" offshoot. As most methods are in a state of flux--this one has quickly evolved into "hidden move" method. The TIPS program labels this FHWO (fast hidden workout) & HWO (hidden workout).
Basically the horse made some kind of move--within the previous race.

I added a Pace component--and further refined it, with a screening process.

Some were posted yesterday...4-5 plays--no winners. It IS a longshot method--so a good benchmark for a win rate is 10%..@ $25 avg mutual. That's what I'm shooting for.
Also, if you've never really looked at the HTW thread--I post something called the "$1 lotto straight superfecta". It's just that--a straight $1 super play--that I find while 'capping a track somewhere. It hasn't hit yet--but hell, if you play the lottery--play this lottery--it's just a buck.

More to follow--thanks for taking the time to read this

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