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I was just talking to a friend of mine whoís a pro gambler at the Meadowlands. He made a good point that they also receive tips, by the way, so they make extra money off the books.

But heís been talking to the tellers every night and he said that the older guys (they call them the 76ers) are defiant. They are still pissed over the pay cut they took a few years ago and they saying things like F Christie and F Gural we're not caving in. They also think that theyíre calling Guralís bluff and that heíll cave in. Itís unbelievable. My friend and someone well known in the industry have been trying to talk some sense to them.

The younger tellers are voting yes, of course, they donít want to lose their jobs.

One thing I didnít know, Gural is also cutting their paid vacation days. These guys get 24 paid vacation days. They have that entitlement attitude, like the world owes them a living because they're in the union.

One thing that I find incredible about all of this, one of the reasons why these guys donít give a damn is because they're going to collect unemployment if the track closes. This is amazing. They should not be allowed to collect unemployment. Unemployment is for people that get fired. These guys are turning down a job at $19.20 an hour, with full health benefits, paid vacation, etc. And they are eligible to collect? Insanity.
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