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11-16-2012, 11:07 AM
I've talked to 2 different customer service people in their Oregon center, one of whom promised me a call or email from a tech person. The one I spoke to first did not know what a file upload was. That was on Nov. 10th and I've heard nothing from them. I've tried to call their Florida office and can't get anything but a VM to leave a message and my schedule over the next several days would make it all but impossible to deal with a call from them were they to call me back. I'm hoping someone here has a simple answer.

It's been probably over a year since I've used their File Upload option to wager but my wager volume will be increasing shortly and using that method of wagering will make things much easier. So I'm doing some testing to make sure I get them constructed correctly.

I've carefully read everything on the site regarding file uploads and have modified my file data format to conform (I think) to the current format.

When I upload the file I get the confirmation that "Bets are now uploaded" and I can see the various components of the wagers in the correct fields on the PTC screen and below that I can see the summary indicating the correct number of valid bets. I also do click on the button at the very bottom of the page that completes the transaction (I forget exactly how that button is labeled.)

What I can't find is the bets in any other location on the site even though they say you can find the wagers under Queued Bets. I've made certain that the check mark for "all tracks" is checked and I've clicked on the refresh button. Nothing. I've done that within the Wagering Pad and the Bet Builder and I can't find any further record of the wagers.

My 2 test wagers (within the same file) from last night were not (despite the "Bets are now uploaded" message) captured by their system. I can't find them anywhere today and the minor profit that would have resulted was not added to the account (assuming I remember my starting balance correctly). I'm not certain if there is some delay in updating their system if races are later in the evening so I guess that's a possibility.

On the 10th I also couldn't find my wagers on the website but those wagers did make it into the pools. My suspicion, however, is that there may have been manual intervention by the customer service rep even though at the time she and I spoke she did not seem them on her screen.

Is there a way to get confirmation that wagers have been placed correctly and appear under "Today's Wagers"?

Is there some other step I should be taking to properly register wagers?

Thank you for your assistance.

11-16-2012, 06:46 PM
I received two replies from PTC.

I got a phone call from Megan in customer service (Oregon) who had tech by her side. She was both pleasant and helpful.

Problem 1. They determined that there is a problem with using the date range under "View Wager History" which prevented me from seeing yesterday's wagers. There is an easy workaround until that bug is fixed (don't use a date range, use the exact date you want to view for both the start and end dates).

Problem 2. We think the problem I was having with viewing wagers in the que yesterday was that because I never used conditional wagers before and I never noticed that there is a way to switch between Queued Bets and Conditional Bets for viewing I failed to switch to "Conditional Bets". I'll have a chance tomorrow to see if that solves the problem. I expect that it will.

I also received a PM from Rich Nilsen who provided an apology for my difficulties along with his cell phone number inviting me to call him. As it turned out, I received his PM minutes after talking to the customer service rep so I didn't need to call him. I just sent him a "thank you" and explained that I believe we have it figured out.

I believe it is in PTC's interest to better train their customer service reps so that they at least know what a "file upload" is and it would have been nice for someone to have followed up based upon the representation of the customer service rep. That said, the service I received today based on my posting here and an email I sent after posting here (I didn't think of that before posting) was very courteous, reasonably prompt, very helpful, and professional. It left a very good taste in my mouth.

11-17-2012, 02:44 PM
Late this morning I received an unsolicited (i.e., pro-active) call from PTC to check on my progress and to share another possibility that may be contributing to the problems I experienced (not setting MTP for conditional wagers).

I'll have to determine whether I was sloppy in reading the directions or whether the site lacks clear directions or, perhaps, a combination of the two but I give them very high marks for their customer services efforts over the last 24 hours. "Pro-active" customer service is very rare in business today and especially rare when it comes to how horseplayers get treated - so when it happens it is definitely notable and very welcome.