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07-27-2012, 03:25 PM
Cash is King II contest at BetPTC.com - begins August, 2012
Play FREE for $5,000 in Cash Prizes

Traditional handicapping tournaments aren't for everyone. If the contest is filled with mandatory races at tracks you don't normally play, it slants the playing field toward others in the contest who play those circuits. Cash money contests often require large minimum wagering thresholds or entry fees that price most players out. The Cash is King contest at BetPTC.com takes away those inequities and lets you play how you want with a very small, minimum amount of wagering.

Play your favorite tracks and make your favorite wagers, all using a bankroll that fits your budget. No mandatory tracks, and no specific bets required. The contest is scored based on your return on investment (ROI), not on how much you wager. Best of all, there is no entry fee and since it's a cash money contest, in addition to any prizes, you keep whatever you win.

What's at stake? Ten finalists (the top 2 monthly finishers) will compete for $4,000 in cash prizes the second weekend of January, 2013! Plus, there are $200 in month in prizes and a $500 end of the season prize to the person with the best overall finishes.

It doesn't matter if you a big bettor or a small bettor. Everyone has an equal chance to win the prizes in the "Cash is King" contest at BetPTC.com. The contest begins Saturday, August 4th and runs through the end of the year. Existing BetPTC members just send us an email today at info@betptc.com and get registered to win free cash prizes! Just include your first and last name, and you'll be registered for Cash is King II.

If not, join www.betptc.com today, enter promo code "pace" and take advantage of a $75 signup bonus and cash back earned on every bet you make!