View Full Version : Looking for Bill Benter's Paper on horse racing

07-12-2012, 05:23 AM
I only have the 1994 report by BB. However, I see there are some more but I am unable to find in internet/university libraries. Here are they. Anyone who have it can share to me will be much appreciated.

(1) Benter, W. (2003) "Advancesin the mathematical modelling of horse race outcomes" in:12thinternationalConference on Gambling and Risk Taking, Vancouver BritishColumbia, Canada.

(2)Benter, B.(1996) "Modelling distance preference in thoroughbred racehorses". In,de Mestre, Neville (ed.)Third Conference on Mathematics and Computers in Sports.Third Australian Conference onMathematices and Computers in SportsAustralia, Australia,Bond University.

(3)Gu,M.G.,Huang,C.,Benter,W.,2003.MultinomialProb it Models for Competitive Horse Racing. Working paper,ChineseUniversity of Hongkong.