View Full Version : Thanks PaceAdvantage users

02-11-2012, 06:18 PM
idabet.com would like to say thanks to the many new players who have contacted us from PaceAdvantage. We know there are many fine ADW's out there including a couple of PaceAdvantage advertisers...and quite a few as you can read by complaints that aren't so hot.

For those of you who have tried us out and given us our 13th straight record breaking month...a simple thank you.

More importantly, thanks to sites like PaceAdvantage and their users for keeping horse racing relevant.

Idabet.com owns and operated live racing in Idaho and is fully committed to the expansion of live racing. Idabet.com owners are also horse owners and recently named Horseman of the Year in Idaho, they are all for supporting horsemen and the breeding industry.

Myself as a longtime marketer of racetracks, thanks to the likes of Idabet.com, there remains opportunities out there to promote racing.

The big racetrack companies may continue to battle and leave the racing fan in the dust, but remain the best supporters of YOU...the racing fan...and those who encourage you including PaceAdvantage.