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Capper Al
11-13-2011, 12:03 PM
If you have read a handicapping book published in English outside of the US and think it has some merit for the North American handicappers, this is the thread to share your thoughts and reviews.

I'll kick it off with my current read -- 'The Channel Four Racing Guide to Form and Betting'. It's a British book. Reading British handicapping books, I realize that we are not only separated by a common language but also a common sport. The Brits look at the whole of racing differently from more marathon races to focusing more on wagering than on speed or pace. They seem to be more focusing on putting the race together in your head than looking at your numbers.

Channel Four's book, of course, reads as a British book. It is a predecessor to our 'Bet with the Best' with Channel Four's experts. A vague example along with a formula of a speed method is described in only one paragraph. That's it. A couple mention about time but as a factor without any technical references. More is said about weight than speed. Matter of fact, their speed method centers on weight over distance. Punters (racing fans) and bookies make up most of the rest of the book.

11-13-2011, 12:12 PM
Nick Mordin's books are a good read, they have been reviewed on here before. I have read them all and think they are on a par with Beyer, etc.

11-14-2011, 01:44 PM

A couple of titles (mathematical bias) for your handicapping library (see High Stakes (http://www.highstakes.co.uk/shop/)):

Taking Chances: Winning with Probability
Author:John Haigh (http://www.bookfinder4u.com/book_search/John_Haigh.html)
Paperback | Publisher: OUP Oxford | Pub. Date:2003-05-08
List Price: 9.99
ISBN: 0198526636 | ISBN-13: 9780198526636
Betting to Win: A Professional Guide to Profitable Betting
Author: Leighton Vaughan Williams (http://www.bookfinder4u.com/book_search/Leighton_Vaughan_Williams.html)
Paperback | Publisher: High Stakes Publishing | Pub. Date:2004-04-01
List Price: 12.99
ISBN: 1843440156 | ISBN-13: 9781843440154
Fixed Odds Sports Betting: Statistical Forecasting and Risk Management
Author: Joseph Buchdahl (http://www.bookfinder4u.com/book_search/Joseph_Buchdahl.html)
Paperback | Publisher: High Stakes Publishing | Pub. Date:2003-01-12
List Price: 12.99
ISBN: 1843440199 | ISBN-13: 9781843440192

Haigh (Appendix V) outlines worked example of Kelly strategy applied to horse-racing.
Williams (pp. 167-169) describes quasi-arbitrage betting strategy.
Buchdahl (pp. 199 -212) covers analysing betting record.