View Full Version : 2011 HorseStreet Par Times

Dave Schwartz
03-22-2011, 12:34 PM
Our 2011 HorseStreet Par Times are ready for shipment electronically and the printed pars should be ready tomorrow.

These are our best pars every - they just get better every year.

Since we began sending out the electronic pars a couple of days ago, three errors were reported. We've corrected those errors and sent out erratas to everyone.

This year we have our emailing list going nicely, so you will get updates to all the tracks we change the same day the changes are made!

I even called the printer and stopped the print run as it was about to start (with minutes to spare) so that the changes could be put into the print copy.

Ain't technology grand?

Just like everything else in our world, costs go up every year. Print costs have risen tremendously. However, we have decided to eat the increased cost this year for the Printed Pars - the price will remain the same at $134.97.
Link to Printed Pars (http://thehorsehandicappingauthority.com/products-page/handicapping-systems-methods/2011-horsestreet-par-times-printed/)

However, with everyone struggling out there looking for ways to save money we have dropped the price of our Electronic Pars to just $97, a savings of almost $50 off the print version (including shipping).
Link to Electronic Pars (http://thehorsehandicappingauthority.com/products-page/handicapping-systems-methods/2011-horsestreet-par-times-electronic/)