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Dave Schwartz
03-10-2011, 01:00 PM
http://thehorsehandicappingauthority.com/ is having a sale!

Our website still has speed issues, so be patient. But your patience will be rewarded as much of our stuff is on sale.

2011 HorseStreet Par Times - Electronic Version - $97 Save $38!
First, March is "Par Time Month" for me. Right now I am deeply immersed in producing the Best Par Times available.

A few years ago I began publishing a metric called SRI - the Speed Reliability Index. The SRI compares the performance at each track relative to a known benchmark. 100 is "normal" and represents 62% winners in the top 3. Every year the overall SRI goes up slightly, track by track.

(Note that this product will be shipped on March 21st.)

Right now you can purchase the HorseStreet Pars in any of our electronic formats for just $97! This is a huge savings from the usual $135.
2011 HorseStreet Pars link (http://thehorsehandicappingauthority.com/products-page/handicapping-systems-methods/2011-horsestreet-par-times-electronic/)

NewPace Video Seminar - $57 - Save $20
This is the pace approach that everyone is talking about. Just do a search for "NewPace" on the PA forum and you will see what I mean. It is truly a new way to look at pace handicapping. Wait until you see what happens when you actually start betting this approach!

This 3-hour seminar will take you completely through the approach, step-by-step. Plays right on your computer. Not a DVD!

NewPace on sale for $57 (http://thehorsehandicappingauthority.com/products-page/seminar-videos/newpace-early-vs-late-video-seminar-download/)

Improve or Decline Video Seminar - $57 - Save $20
A totally new approach to form cycle handicapping based upon Dave Schwartz's "campaign theory" concept. The free bonus tools alone are worth more than the purchase price.

This 3-hour video seminar plays right on your computer. Not a DVD!

Improve/Decline on sale for $57 (http://thehorsehandicappingauthority.com/products-page/handicapping-systems-methods/improve-or-decline-video-seminar-download/)

2011 Pars with NewPace - $144 - Save $68!
2011 Pars with Improve/Decline - $144 - Save $68!
2011 Pars with NewPace and Improve/Decline - $181 - Save $108!
NewPace with Improve/Decline - $104 - Save $50

Link to all bundles (http://thehorsehandicappingauthority.com/products-page/bundles/)

Direct Link to the online Store (http://thehorsehandicappingauthority.com/products-page/)

Dave Schwartz
03-11-2011, 02:55 PM
This sale ends one week from today - Friday, March 18 at 5pm.

03-12-2011, 08:05 AM
I purchased the bundle (last night) New Pace with Improve or Decline. After going through New Pace I had a couple of questions that I sent to Dave via email. After a few back and forth emails I had one item that I just wasn't getting :bang: . That's when Dave replied, " here's my number, why don't you call me". So I did. And guess what? Dave answered on the 2nd ring! :) After setting me straight, we talked for another 10 minutes about a few other handicapping ideas. In this day and age this level of service is unheard of!

I wanted to publicly thank Dave and let the rest of you know what a stand-up guy he is.

And yes, IMO New Pace is exactly that and I'm ready to put it to use today.


Dave Schwartz
03-12-2011, 11:28 AM
Thanks, Mike.

I wish I had the time to speak with everyone who wants to talk horses.


03-17-2011, 10:04 AM
yo, dude, I purchased your pars and form package (electronic delivery).

I received a paypal confirmation, and an email from your site. The email indicated a link should be included.

No Link.

I tried to email you, and your site will not transmit the email without a plugin being installed on my computer.

That, I think, is unacceptable.

Anyway, how do I get my purchase?


03-17-2011, 10:30 AM
DaveSchwReno@gmail.com will get you a quick response.

Dave Schwartz
03-17-2011, 11:49 AM
The pars will ship by Monday - they are finished but still in the formatting stage.

The video will be shipped right now. Our website does not yet vend the videos automatically. Your order was discovered this morning - we are on west coast time.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Dave Schwartz

Dave Schwartz
03-18-2011, 01:47 AM
Sale ends tomorrow it it will not go on sale again for several months. Do you really want to wait? Do you really want someone else to have this answer while you don't?

Listen, guys. This NewPace stuff is just very, very powerful. But don't just take my word for it. Here are just a few emails I have received - the message is clear.

BG: After today put me down as an absolute New Pace believer. You are destined for Handicapping Knighthood!

DS: Tell me more.

BG: 14/17 at Laurel, GP, AQU, GG, OP and even SA with a $15.20, $38.20, $14.20, $17.60, $10.80 and the rest less than $7.00

6/6 at the FG on Monday but I used a variation on New Pace and it was probably a lot of luck. What that was- I will have to try to recreate because I was just in the zone.

I am trying to mesh New Pace with fine tuning (tie breaking or to gain more confidence to make bigger bets or when to hold back) using Form.

Jeebus: MNR 6th
If I had used a conventional handicapping approach, there's no way in hell that the #6 horse makes my contenders... 0-for-34 maiden with poor form? Hell no!

Look at the screenshots - the worksheet and the final results.

Wish I could say that I had bet the race, but I didn't. I tested the method on paper (still trying to get comfortable with it). Results like this however, clearly demonstrate that NewPace will be worth the $57 that I paid and then some.


From HarryP:
I've watched the videos seminars for both "Improve / Decline" and "NewPace". Let me just say that your concepts are brilliant and your presentation excellent. I love the information about the dominance of the first call position. Most importantly, you have got me to change my way of thinking from "who will win" to "who can win". I believe you are correct when you say this is where the money is today.

I have always wanted a method that had the potential to catch good longshots, but what I have seen previously in single-horse betting strategies are low win percentages and long losing streaks, neither of which suit my personality. I am excited about employing one or both of your methods.

From John F.
Thanks for the update. So far I am amazed with "New Pace" Your work with Regression Speed and Confidence intervals is truly impressive. Its almost a stand alone system in itself. Thanks

From Mike B:
Dave when you said only 14% of the winners first get the lead at the
second call it was easy enough to check this for myself. I went
through a recent Racing Form and it was easy enough to determine which
horses first attained the lead at the second call. Many of the horses
failed when they first got the lead at the second call. From the Racing
Form I reviewed the horses that won when they first got the lead at the
second call were betting favorites; class droppers; and the most common
was a horse that was within a head of the leader at the first call. This
means the horse could have been even closer to the leader than a head
which is the minimum the chart callers will give a horse at this stage
of the race. A nose is only given at the finish of the race.

When a horse was a half length or more behind the leader at the first
call they failed more often. When they did win often they were class
droppers or quality horses that were often the betting favorite. I
expect this to carry forward as I think I reviewed enough races to make
a believer out of me. This is coming from a long time Sartin Methodology
practitioner so I had to check this for myself.

Great incites to be learned with this concept.

From Mike K:
Thanks, Dave. I've gone through the material twice and I think you have something. I have been following the Sartin Methodology for over 20 years and always had a problem with using one paceline to determine how a horse would perform. You've provided another option. Thanks.

From A:
Got the video which downloaded in 20 minutes with no traffic to your
site. I don't usually comment on things I buy, but the first race I
tried was the first race at SA today. Hit $2 win on Argenta ($71.20).

Dave Schwartz
03-18-2011, 01:48 PM
I will use this thread as a vehicle to keep you updated on the status of the 2011 HorseStreet Par Times.

The printed pars are at the printer. They should be ready for shipment either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

The electronic pars will be shipped no later than tomorrow morning (probably this afternoon). I still have a few of the file formats to create.

Now that we FINALLY have our Emailing list working, you can expect to get MONTHLY updates for the tracks that change drastically. This has been a long time coming. Reports from people not receiving update notifications are a thing of the past.

Dave Schwartz
03-18-2011, 02:45 PM
All electronic par orders have been shipped.

If any of you wanted csv (comma-delimited) files as well, please email me and I will be happy to add that to your download. (Note that there is no extra charge for csv downloads. They are all considered part of the electronic pars.)

Also, if anyone needs a custom format, we can make it for you. There will be a one-time charge to create the format then we will use it again in future years.

Dave Schwartz
03-19-2011, 12:35 PM
I have received several reports from people who have struggled to place orders on our online store.

I think the problems are fixed now, and we will keep the sale open until Monday afternoon because of the issues.

If anyone still has problems ordering, just email me or call.


Dave Schwartz
03-21-2011, 11:20 AM
Today is the end of the Horse Handicapping Authority sale.

Please be aware that the great pricing ends at 5pm today.

(Also be aware that tomorrow we move to our new, faster server which should address the speed issues.)

Dave Schwartz