View Full Version : World Handicapping Championship

02-08-2011, 02:33 PM
I know these folks are trying to get a contest format off the ground that is strictly Internet based. They are currently looking into becoming sponsors of the Pace Advantage Board (my suggesion). This Sunday they have an online contest for $100. I already qualified in a free-roll they had in Dec for their Finals this next Dec. Since there was quite a bit of discussion lately prompted by the NHC in Jan, I thought some of you may want to check it out here... www.whchamp.com. I will probably play either Sunday or in their next one, since they do not limit the numbr of times you can qualify and if you do qualify, they refund your entry fee. So far my investment is zero and my entries = 1. I would like to see that at 3 or 4, IMO.