View Full Version : Cleaning out my closet again

Inglewood Flamingo
01-11-2011, 04:05 PM
I am posting some handicapping items I have for sale that I would love to sell here before I resort to eBay. Shipping and Handling will be a flat $5.00 fee unless it is a small booklet or pamphlet. Thanks for looking and please email me at inglewoodflamingo@yahoo.com if you see anything you are interested in. Non smoking household, excellent shape.

Hold Your Horses- James Selvidge $5.00
Money Management- James Selvidge $15.00
Anatomy of a Race Meet- James Selvidge $10.00
How to Win the Pick 6- Steven Kolb $10.00
How to Make a Million at the Track- Paul Ader $10.00
Total Victory at the Track- William Scott $10.00
Value Betting at the Racetrack- David Johnson $15.00
Exotic Betting- Steven Crist $10.00
Thoroughbred Cycles- Mark Cramer $25.00
Figure Handicapping- James Quinn $10.00
Modern Pace Handicapping (1991 edition with handwritten calculations in margins from the late Dick Mitchell)- Tom Brohamer $40.00
Expert Handicapping (first edition)- Dave Litfin $10.00
Betting Thoroughbreds (revised edition 1983) $10.00
Losers into Winners (exchange betting method)- Raj Patel $40.00
The Tote Watchers Profit Guide- John Iddings $20.00
Analyzing Professional Betting Action- Ken Lempenau- $25.00
Road Map Handicapping-Al Bozzi $30.00
10 cent Superfecta Betting Guide- Paul Lambrakis $7.00
Betting at the Racetrack- William Ziemba/Donald Hausch $100.00
Sheffield’s Winning Patterns- Sheffield Enterprises $20.00
Winning Patterns- Larry Hurley $10.00
Ultimate Race Track Investor ( URTI software and manual)- Tom Console $50.00