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10-26-2010, 09:30 AM
With permission from PA, who accidentally deleted this earlier....


A lot of us know of e-ponies, they have been around for years giving out free computerized figures for handicapping. He has been trying to get enough sponsors to start his own contest site, which he has now reached. This site is JUST a contest site. There will be a contest each month, with a CASH prize of $200 (he just emailed me and raised it from $150). This site keeps the score of all contestants by computer. The winner is determined by ROI. You only have to put in 12 selections per month, now that isn't to stressful, eh? You can still play OCT contest, if you hurry!! By next month there will be a ton of cappers to beat, but not to many for Oct.


Couple quick rules...

only 4 plays per day allowed

you must have at least 12 plays by the end of the contest, but you can play as many as you like

scratches do not count

he picks the 7 tracks per day in a drop down menu, major and minor tracks for all

Okay, I joined because it's money(which is just as good as cash) and not at all time consuming. I see folks I know there already, so will have some fun! Remember free to join, with legit cash prizes (paypal-check), keeps your stats automatically, and no hard pressure for 12 plays a month. Thanks for signing up if you do, here's the link..


10-28-2010, 03:10 PM
Thanks for the mention Big Red.

For all the PA players looking for free contests, this one really is totally free. We are almost up to 500 players now and climbing steadily. The prize money comes from Google Ads on the site, so the more players, the bigger the prize will be. The first couple of months I'm just spotting the cash, but early indications are good that the ads will cover the prize money pretty soon.

The contest runs on a calendar month, so if you want a crack at October, you would need to make four plays each of the next three days to hit the minimum number of entries.

If anyone has any questions, PM me or just post a response here.

10-29-2010, 02:30 PM
You're welcome.

Over 500 already, that was quick.

I see I'm 45th, that and a buck still won't
get me a Latte :)