View Full Version : MTH Dynamics VS NYRA

05-23-2010, 07:16 AM
I watched and bet both cards yesterday, though my emphasis
was on MTH.

Wagering opportunities weighed heaviily in favor of MTH
with large fields, horses coming from multiple tracks, and
at the end of the day, betting favorites were not centered on one or
two jocks/trainers which often is the case in NY in claiming
or "cheap" allowance races.

Most importantly, all owners finishing past 5th(or fourth,as I don't
have the form), are guaranteed 1,500 which is an incredible gift
towards defraying expense, which,to my knowledge isn't the case with any
other track in the U.S.

That said, it isn't necessarily impossible to witness the following problem:

Owner/trainer is in for conditioning and or to be claimed.Purse is huge
so theoretically they are looking for the big payoff for win/place/show/
or fourth. The owner could hedge his risk by betting against his horse
especially in small fields in exotics, pick threes,fours, especially
when his horse is the fav.

While owners can arbitrage their bets(discreetly) at any track, having an extra 1,500 doesn't hurt, and if you do win or place all the better...

While I'm a die hard fan of racing in NY I am dazzled by the influx
of horses ,trainers and jocks from across the U.S. which generally
is not the case with BEL but to a lesser degree is the case
with SAR. Analysis of Mth cards yesterday stirs the mind, one
of the reasons handicappers love this game.

At this point, the State needs to immediately meet the demands
of NYRA as its "last ditch" manuevers are alienating
NY fans not to mention the owners and trainers that have made NY
a major force in the industry.The fact of many NY major names
are now stabled at MTH benchmark this thought which will affect
the SAR handle.