View Full Version : funny cide

05-06-2003, 07:44 AM
kudos to barclay tagg,a premier and much underated
trainer who thankfully kept under the radar screen
during the past few weeks,and to the the racing gods
who allowed an all out ny tri box with ny jocks,trainers,
and best of all a ny bred gelding.
sort of tingling sensations when we are currently
being reminded of seabiscuit and, the possibility
of f.c possibly being a triple crown winner.
by the way, the press keeps writing about volponi
and santos being the "upset" jockey of the past few
years..how quickly have they forgotten lemon drop kid.
in an era when our state and this country needs heroes,
funny cide delivered big time
god bless new york and our country for an event that
you would probably never see in the movies!!