View Full Version : Friday May 8th MEADOWLANDS

05-08-2009, 09:12 AM
Have been hitting them very well lately! Especially the Big M. Tonight I will not be venturing to the track, so will post my selections on here for you others to have. Good Luck and Good Racing.

Race 1----6-2-4-8

Race 2----4-6-2-5

Race 3----3-5-7-1

Race 4----7-9-10-1

Race 5----6-3-1-5

Race 6----2-8-1-3

Race 7----4-5-8-9

Race 8----2-8-1-3

Race 9----9-1-7-6

Race 10----4-7-3-1

Race 11----6-5-7-1

Good Luck