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03-31-2009, 08:53 AM
Prime Wager Results.14-32 (44%) -$4.60(14-3-6) (72% ITM)
Soft Wager Results....19-60 (32%) -$8.20 (19-13-7) (65% ITM)

On Sunday, my soft wager in the 4th, Eleven Eleven, finished 4th by 2 lengths at $7.50-1.

Among my contenders only selections:

My 1st race $4 DD returned $13.00,
My 2nd race $4 saver exacta returned $11.40,
My 3rd race $20 trifecta returned $34.80,
I had the winner of the 7th, R Vicarious Girl, $3.60,
My 7th race $18 trifecta returned $70.20, and
I had the winner of the 9th, She'll Be Right, $3.40.

So it goes...

One of my regular readers has suggested that I rank my contenders only selections, so beginning today, I’ll be rating them on a scale of 1-10, with 1 representing my weakest support and 10 representing my greatest support. Notwithstanding this change, I will continue to wager on my prime, soft and contenders only selections in a ratio of about 10-3-1 respectively. Contenders Only rankings will be made in parentheses, right after the words Contenders Only.

Tuesday’s selections:

1st – Contenders Only (3) – Steel Train (7) had best fig in the field in last and Michael Thomas had two stretchout wins in L2T. Sneaky Guy (10) just missed as the 1-2 beaten favorite in last and had best fig in the field at the route in that one. Win (7), Saver Exacta 10/7 and Trifectas 7,10/1,3,8,9/7,10

2nd – Contenders Only (7) – Mean Kisser (2) won two since September and figs in those races are best in the field. Fontana wins 16% with L1-3’s (five times his overall win %) and he has the Distance Change and Jockey Change going. L.I. Iced Tea (4) drops for Mr. Allen and he wins 32% (52% ITM) with dropdowns. L.I. Iced Tea is 8-15 ITM at Tampa now. Summer Party Girl (6) shortens up and drops again after putting up two solid efforts following his first win of the season. Ziadie wins 30% with shorten ups. Exacta Box 2,5,6 and Saver Exactas 2,5,6/4

3rd – Contenders Only (6) – Madonna Blue (1) is 5-5 ITM and goes for Ness who wins 38% on the Shorten Up and 30% going Up In Class. PP1 finally had a winner on Sunday. La Tarzana (6) had best fig in the field two back and plunges in class today. Looks very tough here. Win (6), Saver Exacta 1/6 and Trifectas 6/1,2,4,5/1,2,4,5

4th - Contenders Only (2) – Lincoln Imp (10) woke up in last and shortens up today, coming back fast for McCooey. Had best fig in the field in last. Cronk is always dangerous with Layoff + Shippers and Toms First Coyote (5) worked fast from the gate on March 12th. Win (10), Saver Exactas 5,8,11/10 and Trifectas 5,10/4,8,11/5,10

5th – Contenders Only (2) – Wise Frolic (1) had best pace figs in the field in debut and in that one the winner finished seven lengths above par. Faces softer today. Win (1), Saver Exactas 2,3,5/1 and Trifectas 1/5,8,12/2,3,5

6th – Contenders Only (5) – Exacta Box 6,8,9 and Trifectas 6,8,9/3,4/6,8,9

7th – Contenders Only (9) – Islandprospectrbob (3) is the solitary above par horse in the field. Was claimed by Mary Ann Bennett in last and she won two in first off-the-claim last year for new owners Winning Stables. Centeno has the return call. Win (3) and Saver Exactas 5,6,7/3

8th – Contenders Only (5) – Beat Your Bluff (7) was close to par in last, an N2L win. Edward Williams won 60% with Rightback + Up In Class angle and won 25% (50% ITM) with Sprint-to-Route angle in L3T. This is the kind of play that makes all the number crunching worthwhile. Win (7), Saver Exactas 2,6,8/7 and Trifectas 6,7,8/2,4/6,7,8

9th – Contenders Only (7) – SS Royal Endeavor (7) was close to par in first two, goes for red hot trainer Kathy O’Connell who is 6-14 in last ten days. Switch to RoHo adds value. Win (7), Saver Exactas 2,11/7 and Trifectas 3,6,9/7/2,3,6,9,11

10th - Contenders Only (4) – At Attention (2) gets another chance after chasing and giving way in first off layoff. McBride had nine 2L wins in L3T. Wild Brat (3) goes for Cibelli and she is 57% ITM with L1-3 + Shipper + Up In Class angle. Windowsoftheworld (6) goes for Ziadie and he wins 46% (69% ITM) in first three off-the-claim. Win (2), Exacta Box 2,3,6 and Trifectas 2/All/3,6

Good luck and good racing!

Johnny B.

03-31-2009, 02:18 PM