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12-03-2008, 11:32 AM
Another installment from this morning's blogsphere. Ray's always more informative--he has lots to choose from.

He interviews Madeleine Paulson (formerly Allen's wife) now Pickens, (currently Boone's wife) on saving horses. She, a few days ago, was named ABC News Person of the Week. I watched that one on ABC. What Madeleine has done well in life, thus far, has been in Madeleine's best interest--that interest, primarily, being Madeleine, alone, along with her lifetime career of marrying up. Granted, this IS, indeed, a fine thing. (Not the marrying up, but the plan.) Its good that Madeleine has SEEN THE LIGHT, as no one else, in regard to horse rescue.

Meanwhile, the racing world has lost a veritable icon, a benefactor, in you Madeleine. The sport, able to hold on to and pick up, us, "only a few gamblers here and there," we'll schlep on, hopefully.

(Oops, almost forgot--Madeleine, hope Obama doesn't cut back on the subsidies going to those rich ranchers in Dallas and those dirt poor farmers in New York overlooking Central Park, if so, ya might feel a little squeeze.)

We hope ya come back to the races one day, we're gonna really miss ya!


Guys, note Ray's last couple of paragraphs, particularly. I hope we can all get by. There are comments following the interview as well.

12-03-2008, 12:27 PM
OMG....I had no idea :faint: she married T Boone...must have been a quiet ceremony.:D