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07-02-2008, 03:37 PM
No entry fee. All you have to do is designate your real money wager as a leaderboard wager and your in. Five contest plays is the max per day. 80 is the max per month. 40 contest plays is the minimum to qualify for prizes per month. There's monthly prizes and overall prizes. Prizes are only entry fees and airfare to other contests plus brisnet credits. Prizes could be beefed up a little imo. Add some kind of cash incentive along the way. There's 6 different leaderboards. I'll start with the win roi leaderboard first. Many of the players will probably eat up there maximum amount of bets early and get caught late. I'll probably play the win roi leaderboard contest. The show points leaderboard contest peaks my interest a little. It's a little like an Elimination contest imo. You pick 5 show winners per day and your alive with many others. Can someone pick 80 for 80 show winners in a month?? I bet the monthly winner has over 60 for sure.

If players would just stick to these limited amount of bets in a monthly time frame. Many would probably show a positive roi also. Including myelf. LOL!!!!
So this would be a good way for many of us to limit our bets and be much more selective.

07-02-2008, 04:12 PM
hey c

got a few wagers in yesterday and a couple this a.m...doing win roi and place roi....u r right the amt constraints will certainly help my roi....:jump: