View Full Version : Hoss Consortium Seeks Investors With Ten Trillion Bucks

Lose The Juice
06-13-2008, 02:09 PM
The Prestigeous HoRse's Of NotAbility Incorpo-mo-ration (PHONI) is seeking investors willing to invest at least ten trillion dollar's (10.2 trillion Cdn) in a horse racing venture which is unbelievably and incredibly prestigious. We plan to buy winning two-year-old first-time starters with 90-and-up Beyers, and turn them into second-time starters with 90-and-up Beyers. Our unprecedently prestigous business entAty will be runned by people's who wented to prestegious schools like Harfard, Yael, Stamford, Dook, Colombio, and the Wilfred Beauty Academy. Many of they were prestiggious fake I-bankers at presstigious bucket shops like Stratton Oakmont, et settera. We will be using the late Oscar Barrera, Sr. as trainor of the horse's, remembering as we do his specialty for bringing seemingly dead mammals to life, nudge-nudge. Apply at any pay phone on Hempstead Turnpike in Elmont.