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05-17-2008, 02:15 PM
still not too late to register.. good luck!


FIRST PLACE - $200 +Tim Tetrick Bobblehead & Autographed Photo

SECOND PLACE - $100 + Tim Tetrick Bobblehead & Autographed Photo

THIRD PLACE - Tim Tetrick Bobblehead & Autographed Photo

FIRST PLACE BONUS! $100 Betting Voucher to be given out Hambletonian Day at The Meadowlands if winner can attend!

Contest Dates:

LEG 1 - May 17, May 18. LEG 2 - May 31, June 1. LEG 3 - June 14, June 15.

Each contest leg, you will choose ANY combination of 5 horses between the Saturday night Meadowlands card and the Sunday afternoon Chester card. You will receive points only for selecting the WINNING horse. The amount of points received will be equal to the win mutuel for that particular horse.

EXAMPLE: A horse that pays $22.60 to win, will earn you 22.6 points.

After the Sunday races, the results will be calculated and posted on Hometrackadvantage.com and Horseplop.com no later than Tuesday. The handicapper with the most accumulated points after the third and final leg shall be declared the winner! Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers, and the final values will be declared upon the initiation of the contest.
*Note We will only count your two BEST scoring legs, and drop your worst one. As such, you can miss one of the legs and still be eligible, its just that you wont have the luxury of dropping your worst leg.


1. Registration is free, although you do need to be a member of either Hometrackadvantage.com or Horseplop.com for entries to be accepted (both sites are free). The log-in name you use to access either site will also be your contest name for when you submit your selections.

2. Selections must be submitted 1 hour IN ADVANCE before the first post on Saturday night for BOTH Meadowlands and Chester cards. In other words, even if you are playing horses on Sunday at Chester, those still need to be in 1 hour prior to the first post on Saturday night at The Meadowlands. Once the deadline cuts off, every attempt will be made to post all selections as quickly as possible on Horseplop.com.

3. All selections MUST be submitted to either Hometrackadvantage.com or submitted under the appropriate handicapping contest thread on Horseplop.com. Selections will not be accepted by any other means.

4. If a horse you chose scratches before the race, that horse will be replaced automatically with the post-time favorite.

5. In the event of a tie after the the 3rd leg of the contest, the tiebreaker will be the total number of horses selected that ran SECOND.


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