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08-18-2007, 02:41 AM
Thursday Speedking and I kept our winning streak going adding on to Wed's scores. We did a big pork loin on the barby Thurs night and had about 10 in total for dinner. Red Knave is very handy at pouring wine...he did it so well that we were soon out of bottles. Speedking will give the folks on the TV cooking shows a run for their money....I know damn well they can't handicap as well as he can! I think Red Knave closed out Thurs with a nice score in the 9th. Tri's etc.

Friday was a zig-zag day for me (zigging when i should've zagged) and I dropped a hun or so. Speedking told me he couldn't wait for Saturday so he could get Friday out of his mind. Red Knave opened the day by banging a Tri real good and closed the day by banging another one. We had a pretty good group of PA folks both days and I met sam i am (Unfortunately I don't know many of the names that folks post under...just their real names like Ed and Dave and Andrew and Daryl and Dennis and Justin and Bob and Ron and Bill and Joe and Max). I heard the "I had the triple" song being played frequently. We went over to the harness track for "dinner". We had Del Mar, Mountaineer and Charles Town with a smattering of Arlington and Laurel. Got back to the house and Andicap had arrived to restore some order but promptly regressed when he learned that Del Mar was still running. The "dining room" looks like a mixture of CompUSA and Verizon with all the computers and cell phones in the mix. BillW is being accused of hogging all the bandwidth and bringing the cable modem to its knees. I've been wearing my Detroit Tigers cap which is somewhat annoying to the Yankee fans. So far some dirty looks but no threats!
It's 1:30 am so need to get some shuteye......

08-19-2007, 02:17 AM
Why doesn't it surprise me that you and Ed would be cashing -- looks like another great list of guys over at the spa again.

I look forward to reading about the days events and wish you guys "the best of times". One of these August I'll fly to NY and spend a week with you guys.