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07-30-2002, 04:59 PM
Before I make any comments about software, may I introduce myself as a reader of this
board for the past 6 months. I am retired 63 year old who has been playing the races since
I was 14. My strength lies in ‘pace handicapping’ and my mentors are Brohamer and
Ragozin. (Brohamer for figs and Ragozin for ‘patterns.’ I believe I can handicap with
the best. BUT... the game has change and I had to change, so last December I made that
change, I purchased my first software.

I’m from the old school. Until a few months ago, I would spend 4 hours on a card. A
two hour drive to AP and a two hour drive back. (I live in Milwaukee. 87.3 miles from
the track) Now I stay home. play two or three tracks a day and let a software program
do most of the work for me. I had my second biggest month in my life last May --
second to winning a nice ‘pick-6 a few years back. (If I may add, on a $4.00 ticket!)

As to the software that is out there. One concern I have about the posts is that many
readers are ‘searching’ for the brass-ring -- the perfect software. There is no such animal
for two reasons:

1. The programmer wouldn’t sell it to the public. He would just use it himself.
(I’m sure there are some punters out there that have such a system.)

2. If it did pick winners, and it was sold to the public, everyone would buy it and
the odds on the selections would drop so dramatically that no one would show a profit.
Par-mutual betting is an efficient market and efficient markets won’t let ‘public-info’
show a profit. That’s why favorites lose money. If it is obvious to the public it is
obviously wrong.

(Remember the Beyer figures before they went public? Investors made a lot of money by
making their own figures. Horses that were going off at 10-1, or more, now are bet down
to 2-1 or less because the numbers are in the DRF. One of the secrets to making money is
to have information that the public doesn’t have access to. A good software program
should do this.)

So last December I purchased HSH. I did not know anything about the program
EXCEPT it seem to be an ‘Open Box.’ I wanted a program that I could ‘program’ and
not have the software tell me what horse to bet on. HSH is more than what I bargained
for. HSH is a handicapper’s dream. There must be a 100 programs within the program.
(There are ‘buttons’ that I don’t even know what they are for.)

But the key is that I designed my own input and output and I love it. I can handicap a
race in about 23 seconds and get the same contenders as when I was spending 30-60
minutes on a race! To me that is the benefit of software -- it saves you time -- not its
selections. This program is incredible. There is a module called ‘Ants’ that analysis’s
past results. The program is worth the price just for this feature. (It is the my main
selection program that I use but I back it up with another feature called the
‘Pick-Master.’) But to repeat, this is a program that delivers the information that I want.
No two users are using the program in the same manner. Therefore I don’t have to worry
about the odds being ‘bet-down’ on my selections.

In both of these modules, and there are more in HSH, I feel that the info is not available
to the public even through I am using public information. (We are all using the same 10
lines in the DRF.) A huge advantage. You get a feeling of ‘power’ when you use this

The only complaint that I have is that there is no manual. This can be very frustrating.
Very frustrating! But Dick and Dave are just a phone call away and are ‘client friendly.’
Only on one occasion did I have to call. In two seconds Dick solved my problem. Their
knowledge borders on being a genius. When picking software this should be a high
priority. Also if I may add, Dick and Dave are constantly adding features and
improvements to the program at no cost.

So what am trying to say? Buy a good ‘open-ended’ program. Make sure YOU control
the input to get the output your looking for. That the profit you make is up to you -- not
up to the program. Stop buying cheap junk It is too expensive! (Pro golfers don’t use
cheap clubs ) A software program is a long term investment that should pay dividends,
but there is no software that will make a winner out of a loser. You need to work with
good software to become successful. There are no free lunches. Unfortunately, it costs
money to play the ponies.

Allow me to close with the assurance that I am not a shill for HSH, just a believer in their
program. There are so many complaints on this board about today’s software, I just
wanted to share with you someone who is pleased with what they purchased. But again,
the results you receive are from your ability to interpret the information and NOT from
the software itself.

Enough said!!!!

“Handicapping is a difficult way to make easy money.”

07-30-2002, 06:08 PM
A couple of questions. From what I have read here, there seems to be a HSH and a HSH Pro. Although there doesn't seem to be any mention of the HSH Pro on the web site. Is that correct? Which one are you using?
Also it appears to work with a monthly plan or 1.50 a card (but no results). Do you need the results to use it or not? Are the results used to profile the tracks?


Dick Schmidt
07-30-2002, 06:32 PM

Though I appreciate your kind words, I wish to add a "correction", or maybe a "change of perception" to your post. Though I am a HSH user, I am not, nor ever have been, connected with the development of the program. That is Dave Schwartz's baby. Like all users, I occasionally make suggestions, (bitch like crazy) and sometimes Dave listens (once every blue moon) and incorporates an idea of mine, but I don't have any control over the direction the program is evolving. Truthfully, about half of the screens in HSH have resulted from suggestions by users. Just one of them is mine, and it's based on ideas by another user. HSH tends to be a handicapping cooperative.

Of course, I'm always glad to answer any questions I can (lots of times the answer is "damnifiknow) and give any guidance I am able to provide, but I'm just another user. All complaints should be directed to DAVE.


07-30-2002, 07:21 PM
Hi AD!

Maybe Dick or Dave should answer that question but you are correct. HSH Pro is an enhancement and is more expensive.

One of my complaints, as others have had, is this is not clear when you order the program. PLUS there are CD tutorials at a additional expense.

Dick said blame Dave so that is what I will do. Dave is such an honorable person it was very difficult for me to understand this misunderstanding when I bought the program. Maybe it was my fault. ?? I also believe his web-site should explain all costs. Maybe this info was covered on this BB before I purchased the program but I'm not sure.

Having said that my feeling is you do need the Pro. I might be wrong but the regular HSH is close to a 'box.' The flexibility comes with the 'Pro.' (See Dick or Dave)

You must be asking because of the 'Pro" price. To help you out, I believe Dave has some 'Blue-Light-Specials' during the year. When (and if) that happens I would jump-in. I would also call Dave and find out what the total cost is up-front for all the things you would like to have.

AD, I enjoy reading your posts. Hope this was helpful.

Lets win our photos.


07-30-2002, 07:31 PM
Dear Dick:

DAHHH -- Not only do I have trouble picking between horses (so I play both) but I can't seperate you from Dave. (It does show how little trouble I have had with the HSH.)

Let me see if I have this correct: If my post is something good, I direct it to you. If it is a complaint, go to Dave. I love it!!!

All I know is I appreciate the expertise and help - from you and/or Dave.


Dave Schwartz
07-30-2002, 08:12 PM

Thanks for the great praise. It is much appreciated.

I believe that PA has requested that we not put sales info such as pricing, etc. in threads as it is just a bit too commercial.

If he says it is okay, I will put up all the pricing. If not, I would encourage a telephone call or an email directly to me. The contact info is available on our website, http://www.horsestreet.com.

I will give a hint that we are having a major sale from now until Labor Day that includes HSH Pro for only a small additional charge. It will appear on our site August 1st.

Now, as to the other questions you brought up, such as (the one I hate to hear about) documentation... When I built the beta version of the HorseStreet Handicapper, I wrote a 450-page manual. We then scuttled the product after a year of development because it was useless without a large database.

During that time, it became obvious that nobody was reading the manual. It was simply too much to read. (I mean, has anyone ever read a complete manual?)

We determined early on that the program was (and might always be) in a state of development and improvement. It is a never-ending work. Simply put, the manual (yes, there is a tutorial guide to get you started) could never keep up.

We decided that if "a picture is worth a thousand words" then a video must be worth ten-thousand words. To that end, we decided that the best way to keep our users up-to-date with the changes was a video newsletter. This newsletter comes out every two or three months and has about 2-3 hours of content. (Cost: $29)

I realize that this is not the conventional approach to documentation, but, hey, this is not a conventional product. Neither are HSH users a conventional group.

If I take the time to write a 400-800 page manual, then the enhancements stop for the 6-months it will take me to write it. And then for every upgrade that comes out, there are the continuing updates.

I believe that most (not all) of our users would rather have the free upgrades and a small fee for the video newsletters than free docs and NO upgrades.

I know that not everyone agrees with this paradigm, but it works for (most of) us. And it is not like we ignore those that need help.

Dave Schwartz

07-31-2002, 05:29 PM

I fully agree with your assessment of HSH (pro-version). I've been a customer of Dave's for years and feel this is his best work to date. And the beauty is in the variety.
The HSH board is filled with different approaches to the game, all using the same software. So many folks are willing to share. For a reasonable investment, it is the best software I've seen.

Best of luck with the ants


07-31-2002, 06:01 PM