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06-23-2002, 10:31 AM
First of all, I'm a "thoroughbred" man. I knew nothing about greyhound racing a few years ago, but my simulcast center for thoroughbreds is a greyhound racetrack. Fortunately I found QuickDog and it wan ever evolving software that pick many dog race winners. Behind this software is Jonsag Associates out of the State of Washington. They are extremely "customer friendly" and good to work with in putting in a handicapper's ideas. It has been a multi year project and the software includes automatic "backtesting" which is invaluable!

Now they are starting with QuickHorse that is now available at -


Software 2002 Prospero Technologies Corporation.

I thought some PaceAdvantage poster/handicappers might have fun getting in on the ground floor with handicapping ideas and seeing what evolves.

06-26-2002, 03:41 PM
Hi all,

First, thank you figman for your generous post.

I received word that we suddenly had a lot of visitors from paceadvantage, so I wanted to introduce myself and my company to you.

My name is Mike Groves, and two partners and I run JONSOG associates, Inc. We typically program MMIs for Nuclear Power Plant Training systems but we now have a small business unit set up to write general purpose human interest programming, also using our own GUI software. The first thing you will notice about our software is its LOOK AND FEEL, which includes more color and faster navigation and operation than typical windows programs. You'll also notice fast download and installations because we streamline everything we do.

We did recently introduce QuickHorse and I look forward to hearing any suggestions regarding the software. We also operate a forum which you may access by using the software. Or if you'd like to simply look the forum over, go to:


As you may know, the software is FREE to use for 30 days. Most can tell if they wish to continue using it after just a couple days because it is pretty intuitive in its use. However, we plan on improving it based on feedback, so we hope you'll use it and make comment regardless of how you feel.

My email address is jai@gorge.net - you will notice I am very responsive to your email as that is my part to play in this project.

Mike Groves
Manager - QuickHorse Software Development

06-26-2002, 06:26 PM
i dont get it ... why do we have to register with all them questions
and then no one's chatting in that room anyways? Junk.

06-26-2002, 08:11 PM
Welcome to the board, Mike -- it can be a "tough" room so wear your thick skin.

Your program's concepts look pretty cool from what I read -- although I think your advertising claims (nothing else like it, etc.) are a bit over the top; my program allows for much of the same "back tuning" in its Profiler and Tuning Wizard. The formula view I'm working on will add another facet to this -- allowing users to create their own formulas using data available from the race card and then "back tune" or, rather, "track" the performance of these formulas via database.

Keep up the good work -- it looks like interesting stuff.


Originally posted by Derek2U
i dont get it ... why do we have to register with all them questions
and then no one's chatting in that room anyways? Junk.

06-26-2002, 08:28 PM

I guess that's one way to find out if other programs have similar features. I'll change that ad.

Maybe we are working on the same thing. Sounds like both your program and QuickHorse will allow users to construct their own algorythms.

Based on my experience, talking to QuickDog users for the past 2 years as we developed it, I find that the idea of simply downloading programs via the internet, let alone "programming", is very foreign to most dog handicappers.

Therefore we are a little timid about providing this feature, however, we realize, and you probably do to, that if a "programming language" is developed that's easy enough for them to use, well, it would also be easy for us to use as well, and we may find that users simply wish to pay a flat rate for "their method" to be "programmed", just so they can backtest it and tune it.

While seeking ideas for QuickDog, we had no problem with volunteers. So far we've had little input on our QuickHorse board. And that's why we've turned toward this feature that you just described so well.

Could be that current users have just downloaded QuickHorse in the past couple of days and are learning to use it as is before commenting, or, as some "intellectual" on this board noted earlier, we could have "quickpoop"... :)

But, that's the beauty of designing and building software with an internet audience. Our "poop" will be exactly what our users asked for! And that's a good thing.

I look forward to exchanging some ideas with you Nathan. We're attempting to come up with a quick, intuitive interface which most will be able to use to program. But, that's challenging!

Thanks for the post.


07-26-2002, 12:06 PM
Dear Handicapper,

As noted earlier, my company is intent on building a program to allow you to enter your own method of handicapping, then to allow you to not only BACKTEST, but automatically TUNE this system based on desired wagers, etc.

Our basic Method Builder is now available. What we wish to add, based on user feedback, are more FUNCTIONS and DATA to select.

The Method Builder works similarly to an HP Calculator based on "Reverse Polish Notation" and you build "Columns" which are simple or complex calculations on the data, then after having created these "columns" or calculations, you combine up to 8 at a time to form a METHOD. Each column is assigned a "weighting factor" automatically with our SUPERTUNE feature which quickly tells you which columns of your method are more important based on track, and other race attributes.

You may, regardless of whether you have tried QuickHorse in the past already, download and use version 1.7f free for 30 days.

We continue to draw on user feedback to increase the power of our software for the average to professional player. We hope you will participate on the forum and add your own input to help us fashion this handicapping product.

The link for your retrial is -


Mike Groves
Manager - QuickHorse Software Development
JONSOG associates, Inc.