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06-19-2002, 11:10 AM
Straight from the Sammy Houston site:

July 20 2002, Saturday

Don't Pee Like A Racehorse
Will you do any thing to win a car? Here is your chance!
The winner must keep one hand on the car at all times and drink 3 bottles of water every hour, without running to the bathroom! Last one with hand on car wins!

I wouldn't recommend wearing shorts if ya know what I mean.

06-19-2002, 11:26 AM
I wouldn't last 15 minutes. Think I'm missing some vital organs. As soon as I drink something it goes straight to my willy. No water filters, no reservoir, and no water funneling system....I'm out.

BTW is this an NTRA qualifier?

06-19-2002, 11:32 AM
Did you ever see that movie where Burt Reynolds strapped the flask onto his leg?

06-19-2002, 01:24 PM
You're pulling our leg...so to speak...right?? I went to the website like a gullible fool and couldn't find it.... :D


06-19-2002, 01:38 PM
Sorry PA, but I can't get you a direct link. Go the shrp.com. At the bottom next to "calendars" you will see "racing", "events", and "simucast". Click on "events". Then go look on July 20th. I don't make this chit up. Can see rastling the same night. And the "quads" are running. The Bubbas will be vanning in from all over. Should throw in a promo for free dental work as well. Just so happens that day begins my annual respite from the family so I'll give you a report back as I'm sure to attend.

06-20-2002, 03:41 AM
well now lets look at this lodgically. rules say one hand on the car at all times. which means with the one free hand you can free up the ol trouser trout and take a wizzer rite there while the other hand still remains glued to the car. free car heh, I can do that