View Full Version : usc-notre dame no time to think, or was there?

10-21-2005, 10:59 PM
usc is on the nd 1 yl with 5 seconds on the clock, the clock cant start until the snap, usc hurries up to the line, pete carol is waving his arm up and down to take the snap and spike the ball indicating he wants the 30 seconds worth of time that an incomplete pass is going to give him to make sure everybody understands his part in the next play weather its a field goal attempt for the tie or a play for the win.
well at this point did you ever stop to think what a time out call would have done had charlie wies called for it?
usc had 2 options. 1) spike the ball and set up for a tie or a win on the ensuing play or 2) fool the defense with a run/pass
a time out would have taken away any element of suprise for usc to go for a touchdown and would have forced sc on the next play to come up to the ball either set up for the field goal or the run/pass with no element of suprises as to what their intentions were going to be.
if wies would have called that time out it may have been an altogether different story. that was a bcs championhip game if i ever saw one.
but hey there may be even more to come. if ucla can meet sc as an undefeated team then were going to get another barn burner and if sc remains undefeated after that then hoboy if texas remains undefeated then you know were all going to be in for the barn burner of barn burners with no rain in sight when sc and texicus meet in the big red barn to see who gets to be the one to take home all the cows and chickens yessirresir. it just dont get no better