View Full Version : What are your best/worst 2-3 harness racetracks this year?

07-08-2005, 04:21 PM
Similar to the post in the throroughbred handcapping section, I'm curious how PA members are faring out at the harness races this year, at those harness tracks that you have played with some regularity.

--In 2005, my best harness tracks (so far) have been:

1. Woodbine/Mohawk harness circuit...I'm very pleased with the profitability on this circuit this year.

2. Fraser Downs...Started out the year with negative results, but changed the handicapping strategy and things improved really well in the last few weeks of the spring part of their meet.

3. Harrington Raceway...Just started playing this track in the last few weeks of their meet. Started slowly, but by changing handicapping strategies near the end of their meet, things picked up nicely.

--In 2005, my worst harness tracks have been:

1. The Meadowlands....Usually only play this track on Fridays and Saturdays, but can't seem to get anything positive going.

2. Northlands Park...Mainly poor results, with the exception of the odd handicapping angle that showed some good possibilities towards the end of the spring part of their meet.

3. Georgian Downs...Couldn't get a grasp of what's winning at this track. It's on my 'Dont play this track anymore' list now.

--Okay PA member harness fans, how are you doing so far this year?