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The Wizard
04-24-2002, 09:12 AM
hurry before its to late !!!!!!!!!!!! why use software and spend your valuable time handicapping. for 29.99 a day or $500.00 for a year they will give you 50% winners........What a deal !!!!wait a couple of weeks and they'll have something new thats even better than this one.............Then your 500.00 investment is worth NOTHING !!!!!!!!!! NADA !!!!!!!!!!!! if these picks are so good why are they afraid to show the world with a free day of selections..............oh i forgot the stampede to the window might lower the prices for his valuable members. or may cause injury
to you at your local track with the big rush to make bets.

From: sales@racecom.com

Subject: We're pushing 50% thoroughbreds winners

Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 17:46:25 -0400

RaceCom has created a whole new class oftechnology. We completely reworked the concept of forecasting. Technically, it's 'Base-Line Analysis with Pearson 'r'Correlators'. Complex? Yes. Effective? Very. Withthis technology, we're pushing towards 50% winners with the thoroughbreds playingall races.

We're going to put this technology ineverything we do. You can get the forecastseveryday for $29.95 a day or $500/year. Go to our web site http://racecom.comto get today's races in a new compact form. You still have tonight's racesto play.

RaceCom is still the best at thoroughbredforecasting ... and we just took a giant step ahead even further. Join us.

04-24-2002, 08:48 PM
Well I don't know a thing about the "'Base-Line Analysis with Pearson 'r'Correlators'" technology, but they otta give the technology of spell and grammer check a try.:)