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03-16-2005, 05:44 PM
Last year the cut-off mark was around $200,000. No reason to think it'll be much less. I'm actually surprised how many are already past the $175k mark.

The Dubai race is a Graded Stakes. The winner nets 1mm plus and the 2nd place runner receives $500k. A few yrs ago a Dubai mdn ran in the Derby off the 2nd place finish. There have been rumblings that someone may be coming.

1.Dubai Stakes 1/2 1mm
2.Wilko 833,940
3.Sweet Catomine 840,000
4.Afleet Alex 640,000
5.Declans Moon* 599,700
6.Consolidator 432,000
7.Proud Accolade 398,990
8.High Limit 360,000
9.Roman Ruler 305,000
10.Park Avenue Ball 245,000

11.Sun King 215,000
12.Dubleo [turfer] 229,839
13.Greater Good 200,384
14.High Fly 196,500
15.Rockport Harbor 185,700
16.Storm Surge 182,640
17.Vicarage 142,500
18.Bellamy Road 120,000
19.Spanish Chestnut 114,000
20.Defer 112,800

21.Uncle Denny 110,000
21.Scipion 110,000
23.Evil Minister 105,000
24.Lunarpal* 101,184
25. Patriot Act* 100,000
26.Fusaichi Rock star 99,000
27.Wallstreet Scandal 96,000
28.Lost in the Fog 90,000
28.Closing Argument 90,000
30.Giacomo 89,900
31.Chandtrue 63,840
32.Bandini 60,000

Diamond Isle 50,000
Real Dandy 48,000
Rush Bay 44,640
B.B. Best 44,160
Kansas City Boy 41,000
Galloping Grocer 40,000
Going Wild 40,000
Wannawinemall 40,000
Iced Out 34,500
Southern Africa 32,970
Wild Desert 31,320
Around the Cape 30,000
Don't Get Mad 30,000
Buzzards Bay 30,000
Magna Graduate 26,696
Straight Line 25,000
Kirkendahl 21,000
Smooth Bid 20,000
Texcess 18,000
Papi Chullo 18,000
Customer 15,000
Criminal Mind 9,000
Electric Light 9,000
Chattahoochee War 6,000
Sharp Writer 5,000
Dearest Mon 4,500

*next to name indicates injured.

Taking a look at a few other oddballs who could zoom up the chart from nowhere:

Magna Graduate is a horse with a real nice line. Byrne could grab the Lanes End/Jim Beam stakes and join the starting field in May.

Naughty New Yorker just paired up 3's and wasted nice efforts in non-graded events. Has a future.

I'm thinking Defer doesn't like Gulfstream. Shug should try him elsewhere.

Scrappy T put in a nice effort at the inner-tube, again wasting it in a non-graded event. I wonder if the trainer Bailes knows what he has.

Baffy personally selected Sort It Out, unfortunately he didn't know that Iwinski is a 'move up trainer' in NY and the chances of moving this one up anytime soon are remote.

Storm Surge is sneaky good, perhaps not GI material.

I'm giving Scipion another chance, compromised by speed favoring track.

May they all come home safely!