View Full Version : Saratoga Sunday and itís reported to be muddy.

08-29-2004, 12:10 PM
Iíll pass the 1st four races.

Race # 5 Ė Pleham Bay(6) @ 6-1 ML, worth a play at those odds.

Race # 7 Ė You Promised(6) @ 10-1 ML

Race # 8 Ė gonna only get beat once here Spooky Mulder (1A)

Race # 9 Ė Lady Tak(3) and Harmony Lodge(4) should ding-dong from the get-go putting them both over the top in the lane. Iím keying Smokín Frolic(8) over and under My Trusty Cat(7) and Molto Vita(6)

Race # 10 Ė couple of horses Iíll use in the late DD. Cosmos Mariner(6) and Mahican(8)

08-29-2004, 06:10 PM
What a way to lose the Ballerina today. Here's the comment for MY TRUSTY CAT that got beaten a head for all the marbles. And this after her trainer DAVID VANCE appeared on the Capital OTB 9 a.m. television show and said "this wasn't her kind of track!"

MY TRUSTY CAT raced close up inside, came wide into the stretch, was bumped, angled back to the inside, rallied between rivals in deep stretch and dug in gamely despite being inadvertently punched in the nose nearing the wire.

08-30-2004, 01:24 PM
Missed most of the card due to appointments, so I wasnít able to decipher how the track surface was playing. (Muddy, wet-fast)?

Race# 5 --Brassy Boots(5) gets comfortable fractions and goes coast-to-coast. (my 1st choice until the track was listed muddy) Pleham Bay(6) runs a distance 3rd and is never a threat.

Race#7 -- You Promised(6) closes into soft fractions but has left herself too much to do, finishing 5th.

Race#8 -- Spooky Mulder (1A) wins paying $7.50 in a short field.

Race#9 Ė Race went pretty much as I thought it would but wrong result with Lady Tak winning.

I noted earlier that I was capping for a heavier track but by looking at the results of the above 4 races Iím thinking the track was closer to zero adjustment or just slightly slower than zero.

Anyways I end up going over to an OTB after my last appointment and the 10 race is going in 9 minutes. The super looks like a play so I start putting a ticket together, using the 6-8-10 horse on top of others in place position etc. I ask the teller to punch my ticket and the price is $180.00 so I get her to cancel and Iíll re-structure the ticket cause 1) I really donít know how the track is playing and secondly I have only about $145.00 in my pocket and Iím running out of time to get my wager in and get money from the ITM machine.

Now I make the cardinal sin ĖI toss the 10 horse (longest odds of the 3 horses, he was my 3rd choice but only marginally) out of the win position and spend the $120.00 on the super. I still have $25 bucks in my pocket and I donít put one red cent on the 10 horse.

Here comes every players nightmare Ėorder of finish 10-7-6-8 and the payout in Canada is $11,528 for a buck. I cancelled the winning $180.00 ticket.

I used to make mistakes like that 15 years ago but I thought I was over that Ėguess not!

Iím off to see my sport therapist and will be unavailable for the next several hours. :confused: :confused: