View Full Version : This is how you train a horse. Don't pamper him.

03-06-2018, 08:13 PM

Back then, “I wasn’t really sure I wanted to be a trainer,” he admits. But he was able to appreciate the unusual alchemy of Monteith’s outfit, noted for sweetening the soured outcasts from other stables–in particular, those horses owner David Johnson would shift from Martin Pipe’s conveyor belt of winners. “We’d get these horses that would come in three-legged, and he would really just nurse them back,” says Blacker.

Monteith was a “great trainer, great horseman,” he says. And the horses, “when they got to the races they were so tough. We would gallop around this ploughed field, and they’d be knee-deep in a bog. Gallop up a hill that was 45 degrees. And they’d get turned out in a huge paddock all day and night to run around.” :ThmbUp: