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02-23-2018, 09:12 AM
Race One:

7 GOLD MEDAL SWAN. Svenska Flicka, the Swedish-born Jenny Melander, is in the bike for owner-trainer Mark Silva in this GSY trot. Talk about being a classy sort, this 5-year old brown gelding just missed in 11,000-dollar company. This gelding should love the wet going; he’s finished either first or second in 4 tries on a wet racetrack. This gelding should be taking the overland route. I look for him to be closing on the outside as the field turns into the stretch. The more speed up front, the better. All that appears necessary is some “live cover” so he can be “towed” into position for his winning move. One note of caution: I know Jenny Melander to be an excellent trainer; yet she doesn’t drive many horses, at least in pari-mutuel events. Lycka Till, Jenny. Others: 4 Front Street. Last Saturday’s “White-out in East Rutherford” makes this horse’s last effort a non-event. Deweycheatumnhowe-bred’s always catch my attention. “Mighty Matt” Zuccarello drives for trainer Ray Schnittker. Maybe, just maybe...at a price! 6 Uriel is most usable here. She closed nicely at 17-1 last week to get the “place-dough”. Can New Egypt, New Jersey’s (home of the late-great Stanley Dancer) Annie Stoebe’s-owned, trained and driven gelding win? That is the question. I’d be reluctant to leave this gelding off my gimmick tickets. 10 Aventure is a longshot try. The retired correction officer, Tony Ciuffetelli, from Gansevoort (just north of “The Spa”) owns and drives this Muscle Mass-bred. Yes, I know… I know he’s been “on the bench” for over two months. Yet, this gelding has the heart and back-class to do it on memory. If he’s reasonably ready? He’ll need the front-speed to tie up. I'll be back later with my remaining "Big M" "Survivor" picks.

02-23-2018, 04:18 PM
Race Two:

8 MISSLAROSE has been as sharp as a tack. Three-straight. Two in this company. A Nap returns to the bike for trainer Ron Burke and the Burke Racing Stable, LLC. If this Ontario-bred mare can once again make the lead, it may be Katy-Bar-The Door! I guess my only concern: “How well will this mare handle a wet track?” Others: 9, 7, 5, 6

Race Three:

2 ANALYZE moves inside and gets class relief. This Neutralize-bred bay mare has shown little lately; in fact, she’s 0 for 2018. But all that can change here, in a heartbeat. This 6-year old now meets a bunch she should handle. Team-Buter looks like they have a solid chance of meeting in “The Big M” winner’s circle. Others: 3, 7, 9.

Race Four:

2 CAULFIELD has faced a series of both tough posts and tough “customers”. That combination has led to a series of out-of-the-money finishes. But, alas, I believe this Kadabra-bred has found his spot. “The Mighty Mite,” Jim Marohn, Jr., reprises the drive for trainer Patti Harmon. Others: 4, 5, 3

Race Five:

5 JULIO’s GIRL ships in from the Catskills to try her luck (skill) at “The Big M”. Those times up on Route #17 weren’t too shabby. A 1:57 at Monticello would probably translate into about a 1:54 at The Meadowlands. I also believe this Shawn Christner-trainee moves up on a wet track. “The Man from Ann Arbor,” “The Wolverine,” Eric Olson handles the reins. An alert start and this 5-year old mare is “a player”. Others: 1, 3, 4, 6.

Race Six:

3 FREDDIE MAC, who’s had little success at Yonkers, returns to East Rutherford to see if can “right his ship”. This SJ’s Photo-bred catches a field he should handle. Jim Marohn, Jr is in the sulky for trainer Patti Harmon. Others: 2, 4, 8, 10

Race Seven:

2 NEEDSNORESTRICTIONS got caught up in the quarantine at The Meadows; he ended up cooling his heels for over one month. Yet, his record. His fondness for a wet track. I just have to take a shot. Jim Pantaleano is in the sulky for trainer Wayne Hite. Others: 5, 7, 9, 10

Race Eight:

8 WHISKERSONKITTENS ships in from the Ol’ Hilltop, a.k.a, Yonkers Raceway. Tis mare ran an even race in her last but could make no headway. She now returns to “The Big M” where she’s met with limited success albeit against better. I believe this Ponderosa-bred is coming up to a big race. I believe she’ll outrun her odds. Jim Pantaleano is in the bike for trainer Rick Dane, Jr. Others: 3, 1, 4.

Race Nine:

6 MY CHERRY PIE gets some class relief that could spell a trip to the winner’s circle. This Donato Hanover-bred has faced better both at Dover Downs and “The Big M”. Jim Marohn, Jr. is in the sulky for Jenny Melander. Others: 8, 1, 2, 10.

Race Ten:

9 CHARMBRO CURIOSITY is an admitted longshot try. Yes, his #9 starting post is imposing; yet, if he gets a decent amount of speed up front, he can take advantage and come home with a winning brush. Yes, a tall task. However, this Mach Three-bred gelding appears to like a wet track. Marcus Miller reprises for trainer Dan Morrissey. Others: 3, 6, 8.