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02-18-2018, 11:49 AM
Race One:

:1: MAD DOG MATTERS has both an equipment change and a racing development that immediately catches my attention. First, the equipment. Trainer Carlos Martin is adding “rogue’s badge,” i.e., blinkers. Second, this 3-year old filly is making her 3rd start off a layoff. Will one or both be enough? Frankly, I have my doubts. A minor award? Possibly? The 8-panels distance may come into play; so too “the inside” may not be the place to be on what promises to be a “soupy” (likely sealed) track. Yet, there is a degree of wet-track pedigree. Jeremy Rose is in the irons for the aforementioned Martin.

:2: MERCURIAN is a first-time starter out of the razor-sharp Linda Rice barn. It’s “Manny Being Manny,” Manny Franco, on board this Flatter-bred 3-year old filly. The breeding is solid. The wet-track pedigree is good. The dam, American Queen, had 4 winners from 4 starters. Yet, there one thing that sticks in my craw. Oh, Linda’s an outstanding trainer; yet she doesn’t do particularly well with both 1st time starters and debut MSWs. Whether that’s a factor here…? That’s your call.

:3: MO FLASH. You know how I feel about the ever-improving (he’s riding with more confidence) Dylan Davis on a wet track. Inexplicable? Yet, DD just seems to do very well with his mounts on wet-track surfaces. Yet, this Uncle Mo-bred bay filly has had five chances in this company and has yet to win. Yes, the Indian Charlie-bred has gotten close to the winner’s circle, twice. Once on the lawn, the other in a race taken off the turf. One concern. One caveat emptor. There are “gate issues,” e.g., “Broke in air; Off slow; Broke outwardly; Bumped start;” etc. It’s not reassuring when a horse spots the field several lengths. The “Hoosier-born,” Mark Casse, trains.

:5: STRING SECTION. A solid trainer, Jason Servis. A solid jockey, Trevor McCarthy. Solid wet-track breeding, e.g., Candy Ride, Ride the Rails, Lemon Drop Kid, etc. Stakes winner dam with 2 winners out of 3 starters. What’s no to like? “Who Could Ask For Anything More?” So, where’s the rub? (Or is it: “There’s the rub!” Hamlet). Can this filly “get the distance? Is this “A Bridge Too Far”? This filly’s never been there, before…eight panels, that is. The added two panels. “That is The Question.” (What’s with the Shakespeare?). Trepidation. Concern. Worry. 4/5 M/L. I’m tempted to carefully condition my ticket. “Buy insurance”? You bet your dupa!

Well, that it folks, first-race prognostications. I’ll be back with my other picks, later.

02-18-2018, 12:36 PM
Race One: :5:, :3:, :1:

Race Two: :3:, :2:, :5:, :1:

Race Three: :2:, :5:, :1:

Race Four: :2:, :6:, :1:, :7:

Race Five: :4:, :7:, :2:, :1:

Race Six: :7:, :5:, :6:, :1:

Race Seven: :4:, :7:, :5:, :8:

Race Eight: :7:, :5:, :4:, :2:

Race Nine: :5:, :7:, :6:, :8: