View Full Version : TBD 1/2 card V-Day Picks

02-14-2018, 12:26 PM
Tampa Bay Downs has been exhibiting some unusual but consistent track bias the last week or so and we haven't had any weather that would be expected to change that. Trying a bit of a change up with some picks to focus on horses which exhibit tendencies and running styles that is complementary to the current bias. The obvious disclaimer is we have a wide range of jockey competencies and the track may have been worked this week to adjust the bias. Theoretical wagers per race would include:

$2 EXA - AB/ABC ($8)
$1 TRI - AB/ABC/ABCD ($8)
$4 Win on the A for $20 per race wagering to make the books easier to keep.

Sitting at the airport so only looking at the first four races which offer a decent cross section of turf/dirt/sprint/routes.

R1 - 5172
R2 - 8357
R3 - 2547
R4 - 4829


02-14-2018, 04:37 PM
Well this was an informative lesson on handicapping a race using only a subset of available information.

Not a good idea.