View Full Version : The Key To Superbowl LII

02-04-2018, 01:05 PM
In today’s Superbowl LII, I believe the outcome will hinge greatly on the effectiveness of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Question: Can the Eagles defensive line put sufficient pressure on Brady? Can they “muddy up” the pocket? Can the Eagles pass-rush force Brady into mistakes (the Eagle pressure rate is high, as evidenced by their two playoff games).

By the way, the Jacksonville Jaguars tried the same pressure-Brady approach but faltered in the 4th quarter. Further, the Eagles have proven that they can bring defensive pressure, yet they rarely blitz, thus maintaining their secondary pass-coverage.

Yes, the Eagles secondary is suspect. However, if Philadelphia can bring pressure up-front, that will neutralize or even negate their weaknesses in the secondary.

If the Patriots have a weakness in their offensive line, I belief it’s Nate Solder (he’s already allowed Brady to be sacked on a handful of occasions).

Finally, in summation, I believe the outcome of today’s game hinges on the ability of the Patriots offensive line to protect Tom Brady and, conversely, the ability of the Eagles’ defensive line to pressure him.

02-04-2018, 06:31 PM
It all depends on the officials, who wear Patriot underwear. :coffee: