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01-29-2018, 11:35 AM
this game!

"Im going to do it on my own and only worry about myself and not anyone else, he said. Im definitely going to get back into the game and Im going to do it on a significant scale. I only like to play at the higher end. I dont like to dabble around with lower-end horses.
I think people have figured out who the bad guy was, Iavarone said. The same person who took advantage of IEAH took advantage of me, as well as some other people. When the investigations were still going on, there was not a lot I could say. Everybody now understands a little bit better what was going on. Unfortunately, Matt Szulik did what he did. At the time, I didnt quite get it. I didnt even understand what was happening and by the time it was all figured out it was too late. Matt dropped a bomb on everything and everyone, but now I get why he did what he did.
Iavarone said he personally lost $8 million due to his association with IEAH.

Looks like he made a huge splash Pegasus Day he was walking in the Paddock with 2 woman on each arm, wearing a jet black suit jacket with a silk t shirt and designer bag and belt(a throwback to Miami Vice garb). His new wife is none other than Jules Boutelle(owner of 2011 G1 winner Teaks North(United Nations))who has other horses with Justin Sallusto and with new hubby Mike will use Nick Sallusto to buy those top shelf horses. In a recent interview with Mike he stated Nick was looking for horses "right now". Good Luck to Mike and his wife, I am sure the racing world is ready to accept him back with open arms.