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01-28-2018, 09:00 AM
Good morning from balmy Boston.

However you phrase it...
discharged...dispensed....dispersed...distributed. ..divvyed-up, or doled out, the "Rainbow 6," mandatorily, must be paid out today, Sunday, Jan. 28.

I'll be back later with my thoughts.

01-28-2018, 11:57 AM
Race Seven:

That was one helluva ride by “Gaff” to win yesterday’s 9th (Jordan’s Henny) race. He reminded me of Angel Cordero. Gaffalione was impressive. He’s a third-generation jock. His mount here, :4: ULTIMATE CAUSE, finished 8th in his last, but that belies the running of that race. Gaffalione had guided his horse along the rail, but no room. No seam. No Nothing. He was totally blocked. I watched the replay. It was like: “go-in-and-out the window”. In the stretch, Gaffalione takes Ultimate Cause inside (he can’t get through), then outside (no room), then inside (still nothing). All this time the horse is full of run. Finally, the horse is steadied. As stated, the finish belies the traffic this horse ran into. A cleaner trip. A traffic-free trip and… I believe, as they say, you’re “off and running…” in today’s “Rainbow 6”. Others: :9:, :2:, :6:, :7:

Race Eight:

:5: NIKKI’S CAUSE gets my nod in this turf race at 7 and ½ furlongs. This filly has won two-straight races on the lawn. I realize the competition in those races was nothing to write home about, yet two consecutive wins is two consecutive wins. This Giant’s Causeway-bred 3-year old has taken to the turf like a duck takes to water. Another thing that catches my eye; it’s is the riding services of HOF jockey, the Venezuelan native, Javier Castellano. Javy’s a pro. His timing on the racetrack is impeccable. Further, Peter Walder is an excellent trainer. The Southern California native does exceptionally well when going sprint-route-sprint; he also does well with winners of their last race. If this horse lands in the winner’s circle, you are 1/3rd of the way home for that Pot o’ Gold at the end of “The Rainbow”. Others: :1:, :3:, :6:

Race Nine:

:4: DREAMING OF JO JO faced much better in his last. He’s dropping significantly for a trainer, Angel Rodriguez, who does exceptionally well when dropping a horse 2+ classes. He’s also going from turf to dirt. In addition, this 3-year old Malibu Moon-bred is cutting back two panels. This chestnut colt’s recent, solid 4-panels work :48.2, breezing, bolsters my confidence. This colt should be out and going. It will be up to Luis Saez to ration out his speed and endurance. Others: :6:, :7:, :9:

Race Ten:

:5: LOVING VALENTINA is my selection. The rider-switch is significant. This 4-year old Drosselmeyer-bred filly was claimed out of her last race; she now resides in the Charles Dickey barn. “Scooter” Dickey (remember Flat Out), a veteran trainer and Jayhawk native, does very well with recently- claimed horses. Further, today’s slight cutback should help; so too should the chauffeuring services of the the aforementioned Davie, FL native, Tyler Gaffalione. This filly, at her best, can win this race. Others: :8:, :2:, :3:

Race Eleven:

I’m going to “take a walk on the wild side” with a ML 10-1 shot, :5: THAT’S HER M.O.Well, I hope this Uncle Mo (Indian Charlie)-bred’s Modus Operandi is winning! I believe this 3-year old bay filly has the pedigree to get the job done – at a price. Her mare, Saintly Action, had 7 winners and one stakes winners out of 9 starters. Not too shabby. This filly took all kinds of do-re-mi in her first start; she did not disappoint. The slight stretch to today’s 6-panels distance may aid and abet her cause. This filly’s trainer, Vic Barboza, does very well with horses entered in sprint races. In addition, this filly turned in a recent 3-panels work in :36-flat, breezing from the gate. If this filly can run back to her maiden-breaking win, her M.O. will be: Getting her picture taken in the winner’s circle. Others: :2:, :4:, :6:, :7:

Race Twelve:

I’m going to take a shot. I’ll qualify my pick by simply saying “It’s a gambler’s throw”. I must try to separate the wheat from the chaff. My pick: :1: CALL TO HONOR. This 5-year old bay gelding may be the horse. If the rail opens up… If he gets out in a good stalking position… If he handles the extra half-panel. If... Voila! Wouldn’t that be nice? Admittedly, a lot of the pieces have to fall into place. This High Cotton-bred has beaten better in the past (what have you done for me, lately?) If this Dixie Union-bred can recapture just a semblance of his past form, he can become “a player”. I know I’m asking a lot; yet I’m giving you candid thoughts. Jose Pinchin trains – he does well in a 3rd of a layoff category. The ever-improving Jose Batista has the call. Others: :8:, :2:, :9:, :5:

01-28-2018, 09:23 PM

Correct me if I am wrong, but if you used all your picks in each leg, you would have hit it.

Nice call using the 5 in the last.

01-28-2018, 10:15 PM

Correct me if I am wrong, but if you used all your picks in each leg, you would have hit it.

Nice call using the 5 in the last.

Idk about that. If covered with all those horses that's an $8000 ticket based on $1

01-29-2018, 12:23 AM
$.20 ticket would cost $1,600 correct ?

Didn't a $.20 ticket payout 15K ?

Just saying it was a nice selection of picks that would have hit.

I was out after the 4th leg and would have never figured the 5 in the last.

Robert Fischer
01-29-2018, 01:22 PM
Great job Teach!

Only player I noticed giving out the :5: before the race!

01-29-2018, 03:02 PM
Nice hit teach...always enjoy checking your selections and rationale behind them and seeing if mine matches yours..