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01-19-2018, 07:13 PM
Race One:

9 Rockin Redford tipped to the outside at the half last week on a sloppy track and impressively picked off horses, one by one. If he reprises – IF is the operative word – that effort, this SJ’s Caviar-bred gelding can make it two-straight.This gelding was helped by the speed duel up front that saw the first fraction go in a blistering 27.2.There’s enough front-speed here once again.This gelding could easily take advantage of that, again.Roy Marohn in the sulky for trainer Mark Ford.4 Uriel made a sharp move in deep stretch (the Rockin Redford race) to garner the show-dough.Prior to that this Explosive Matter gelding went wire-to-wire at 64-1!1 Fox Valley Steffen had a broken equipment issue in his last that, for all intents and purposes, took this Angus Hall-bred out of the race.Yet, the potential exists.This gelding draws the rail. An alert start would be most helpful.Jennifer Lappe owns, trains, and drives.Others: 5 Massive Lightning; 7 No Recess.

Race Two:

8 Derf Hanover is an enigma. In mid-July he wins by almost 20 lengths at Ph in a sharp 1:55.4.His connections give him a six-month vacation.Why?Yet he returns to run a qualifier in 1:56.2.It’s like he never missed a beat.Has this Cantab Hall-bred finally put it all together?It would seem likely that the “Orange Crush” will have this gelding out and going when the starting-gate wings retract.I’m curious.If all goes well, this gelding could be saying arrivederci to the rest of this field.I’m tempted to single him in “The Survivor”.7 I’m Done has been razor-sharp.He won his last, Friday at “The Big M”, in the slop (a surface he prefers).In this gelding’s current good form, he can’t be overlooked.4 Tougher Than Ever, the Patti Harmon-trainee, finished a fast-closing 2nd in his most recent race at the “Ol’ Hilltop”.I believe that this 4-year old gelding fits well in this field. I’m just not sure he’s fast enough to get his picture taken, but…Others: 6 Break Free; 1 Presidente Zette

Race Three:

10 Jojo Jove ran an impressive gate-to-wire mile up in “Oh, Canada”. Frankly, he may find it a little tougher to get to the top at “The Big M” as compared to Woodbine (they feature that nearly quarter-mile straight; the outside start there is not that imposing).Yet, that was an impressive mile.If this Village Jove-bred brings that “A-game” effort to East Rutherford, he’ll be tough to catch.“You Da Mann” is in the bike for owner-trainer Harris O’Brien from Canastota, NY (remember: Carmen Basillio?)Others: 4 Terror Of The Nite; 6 Fox Valley Cadet; 5 Windsong Gorgeous; 7 Wellwesaid.

Race Four:

2 Driving Miss Crazy was my pick last week. This Crazed-bred 7-year old mare was used hard to put herself in position.That used up a lot of her equine energy; she finished a faltering 5th.However, this mare now gets an improved starting post.The up-and-coming Austin Siegelman now has a chance of putting this mare into a good striking position.I also like the trainer, Bob Lounsbury.Others: 7 Duluth; 4 Elusive Action; 5 Whatnblazes.

Race Five:

5 Casa Miasa prevailed last week in this company with a come-from-behind win. Brett Miller reprises the drive for trainer Kyle Spagnola.If this Artsplace-bred can show the same gutsy performance she demonstrated last week, she can prevail, once again.My only caveat is that her win last week came on a sloppy surface; she won’t get that track condition this week.Others: 2 Miss Defiance; 6 Fina Patina; 9 First Delight.

Race Six:

5 Skates N Plates is my upset try here. I follow Freehold Raceway very closely (I “cut my teeth” in the sport of harness racing at a half-mile oval called Foxborough Raceway; also called Bay State Raceway).“Smitty” is a top-notch handler of trotters.“The Mainer” is an outstanding driver who’s capable of bringing home a winner when you least expect it.In his last, this Revenue S-bred overcame the tough outside 8-hole at Freehold to finish 2nd.I believe this horse is capable of surprising.Others: 6 Downundermatter; 4 Sweet Justice; 2 Keegan Ho; 1 Ashes Cash.

Race Seven:

9 Opulent Yankee has faced better. He retains the driving services of “The Orange Crush, Andy Ray Miller.Julie “The Saluki” Miller trains.This Muscle Yankee-bred should be playing: catch-me-if-you-can.It’ll be up to “The Crush” to ration out this gelding’s speed.Others: 10 Iron Mike (what Jack Dempsey called his right fist) Bucky; 8 P L Ichabod; 2 Montalbano Bi

Race Eight:

3 Sing Along with Jim Marohn, Jr. gets my nod in a highly competitive race. This Brett Pelling trainee came up short in the slop last week.I believe a dry surface should aid and abet this Rock n Roll Heaven-bred brown mare.This could be one of those “garden spot” trips that begs for a closing-stretch “pounce”.Others: 2 Sharen Hanover; 4 Miss Bling; 5 Zane Hanover; 7 Monica Gallagher.

Race Nine:

2 Commentary. That was some qualifier this Conway Hall-bred, Patti Harmon-trainee turned in last week.If we see anything resembling that effort, it might just lead to a winning trip. This gelding turned in some solid times down in Florida last year.Jim Marohn, Jr. is in the bike.Others: 8 Long Story Short; 7 Two Hip Dip; 5 Heavenly Zette

Race Ten:

5 OneIsALonelyNumber has faced better. This Bettor’s Delight-bred disappointed last week as the 3-1 chalk.A chance to make amends in this company.Austin Siegelman is in the sulky for trainer Jim Siegelman.Others: 2 Urban Renewal; 3 Apollo Seelster; 1 Yankee Artillery.