View Full Version : HSH Christmas Sale

Dave Schwartz
12-13-2017, 02:24 PM
Maybe you've wanted to purchase HSH for a long time. This is the lowest price it has been in YEARS!

https://www.practicalhandicapping.com/desktop/package/PublicImages/StoreImages/Christmas2017/HSH%20Christmas.jpg (http://store.pacemakestherace.com/horsestreet-handicapper/)

Or maybe you'd just like a nice, solid discount.
https://www.practicalhandicapping.com/desktop/package/PublicImages/PA/PA-Christmas2017-Coupon.jpg (http://store.pacemakestherace.com/)

Some great deals to be had in these bundles.
https://www.practicalhandicapping.com/desktop/package/PublicImages/PA/PA-Christmas-Bundle.jpg (http://store.pacemakestherace.com/christmas-sale/)

Even a Giant Bundle:
https://www.practicalhandicapping.com/desktop/package/PublicImages/PA/PAChris2017-Bundle05.jpg (http://store.pacemakestherace.com/bundle-5/)

12-18-2017, 09:53 AM
WOW...this is a hell of a sale....

Maybe you should put this in the Software section...there have been guys looking for stuff to purchase....and actually I stumbled on this by accident.

One question, are the files from HDW only structured for your program?
Like can I use it in say ALLDDATA Excel?