View Full Version : How the NCAA selects the schools it wants to punish...

10-25-2017, 04:40 PM
You don't have to look any further than the recent slap on the end of the finger for North Carolina over 18 years of "steering" students to classes whereby they could increase their GPA and remain eligible to play college basketball, amongst other sports. The NCAA ruling comes after an investigation by ESPN that turned up players who stated the coaches knew that certain players were taking courses that were "offered to all students" to get an easy A and offset any low grades in core courses.
Former North Carolina player Rashad McCants told ESPNís Outside the Lines he believed Roy Williams knew about the academic scam because the head coach once told him they were going to fix his academic issues by shifting around his transcript.
Since media day is upon us for ACC basketball those who have remained silent on the recent BS ruling by the NCAA on North Carolina are now speaking out and asking what the F were you thinking about by doing nothing? In the upcoming months college basketball will be in our faces 24/7 right up until March Madness when the NCAA will once again make an ass out of itself by trying to explain a team that didn't make the tourney while one with lesser credentials made it. I believe its time that the NCAA is broken up as it is evident it does what it thinks is best for no one.