View Full Version : M J Maker Trainer Of The Week @BEL WK2 -- best ROI per $2 w$ p$ s$ wager min 3 starts

09-25-2017, 12:51 PM
M J Maker got the nod last week edging out W I Mott for best returns on investment per $2 win place and show wager at Belmont from September 13 - 17 minimum 3 starts or better week 2 !!!

I was so busy chasing chalk I didn't see the Bomb Squad duo last week


List is sorted by Trainer, still working on sort by starts then by win place and show returns

It was really hard to give Maker the nod when compared to Mott who had more than twice as many entries and came through with some nice prices!!!

http://www.insidethenumbers.net/images/comments/m j makerbelwktwo.jpg

http://www.insidethenumbers.net/images/comments/w i mottbelwktwo.jpg

At any rate, Maker gets the nod with a $32.60 return for his 2 winners last week for those with a minimum of 3 starts or better!!!