View Full Version : Contessa Maidens @BEL with Morning Lines less than 3-1 a study -- noticed something!!

09-16-2017, 09:54 PM
When G C Contessa's Maidens are less than 3-1 in the Morning Line they are winning at 52.6% going back to May 2014 and you are getting a 68% return per $2 win wager in this situation!!!

http://www.insidethenumbers.net/images/comments/g c contessamdnsbel.jpg

In addition his Maiden's have won 5 in a row when less than 3-1 in the Morning Line since May 28th 2016. You are also getting a 47% return per $2 win place and show wager!!!

When his Maiden's are less than 7-2 in the Morning Line the percentages go down drastically as they are only winning at 38% giving a return of 29% per $2 win wager over the same period since 2014

http://www.insidethenumbers.net/images/comments/g c contessamdnsltsvntwobel.jpg

We will put this in the Trainer Cheat Sheet and pay attention to his Maidens when less than 7-2 and especially less than 3-1 in the Morning Line!!!