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08-10-2017, 08:28 PM
If you are a horse racing fan you know that Bill Ziemba wrote the book, "Dr. Z's Beat The Racetrack".

Here is a link to his interview on chat with traders dot com:


As a horse bettor you can learn a lot from the stock market, and vice-versa. So hopefully, you will learn a few things from this interview.

Here is Dr. Z's bio and the topics discussed:

Dr. William Ziemba’s an academic, a practitioner, gambler, trader and an author. He’s worked with and consulted to many well-respected names in the field, such as; Edward Thorp, Blair Hull and the very successful horse bettor, Bill Benter.

In the beginning, horse betting was William’s field of expertise (he even published a book titled, Beat The Racetrack!) And in many ways, for William, horse betting worked as a gateway to trading financial markets—which he’s been doing since 1983.

Now in current times, William manages a fund; Alpha Z Advisors—which started trading in July 2013 and as of May 2017, has returned 527%. Much of William’s trading revolves around calendar anomalies, arbitrage strategies and behavioral biases…

Topics of discussion:
•William speaks about his research into calendar anomalies, what causes anomalies to exist, and how William’s bet on a real-life stock market anomaly for many years.
•Characteristics of using Kelly Criterion as a formula for position sizing, situations where it may be preferable to use half-Kelly, a word of caution about overbetting.
•Why many successful traders come from a gambling background, William’s experience in horse racing, and is it easier to make money in sports betting?