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06-03-2017, 08:32 AM
Good morning from MetroWest (Boston “bedroom” communities 15 to 20 miles w. of “Beantown”). I see that nobody hit the Pick-6 at “Beautiful Belmont Park”. So, we have a double-carryover. Yippee! I’m sure, before all is said and done, the betting pool will go well into six-figures.

As I woke up to clear skies, I see my beloved Red Sox dropped another to The O’s. I also see that Rick Porcello once again had: “the first-inning blues” (the first batter “dinged” him). After that first or second inning, Porcello settles down (but the damage’s been done). Thankfully, the Yankees lost. But you don’t pick up ground on the league leader when you lose. Dah!

Well, just the other day I was thinking about anniversaries that are coming up. I’m a little over a year away from my 60th (no, it’s not my wife and me…we’ll have been married 48 years in less than two weeks). It’s my pari-mutuel wagering anniversary, August, 1958. I was 15 years-old.

That August, my friend, his father, and I hopped into his father’s ’54 Dodge and made our way south to a harness track called Foxboro Raceway (now a Gillette Stadium parking lot). Frankly, as I entered the track, I don’t think I had more than five or six bucks in my pocket (a lot of money for a young high school kid from a poor Boston neighborhood).

I should mention at this point that, at the time, I knew very little about racing (poker, yes; racing, no). Well, I soon entered the track and bought the harness racing form; it looked like hieroglyphics. Yet, after watching a couple races, I decided “to take the plunge”. Soon, I would no longer be a pari-mutuel “maiden”. I was just seconds away from making my first pari-mutuel bet. I’ll never forget (frankly, doesn’t everyone remember…their first time) that I bet on a mare named Adios Lucy, the #3 horse: $2 to show. The reason I bet her was because my friend’s father – he played the horses – told me that a horse name Adios had been a prolific harness racing sire.

Well, I must tell you that when the race went off – “They’re off and pacing…” – I simply shut my eyes (I was just too nervous to watch). I simply listened as the then Foxboro Raceway harness racing announcer, Clayt Smith, called the two minutes-plus harness race. I only opened my eyes when the race was over. I then looked up at the blank infield tote-board (in those days, it took what seemed like an eternity to post race outcomes). Finally, after what seemed like five minutes (I’m sure it was less) my #3 horse…the one I had bet on, Adios Lucy, was posted third. She got the “show-dough”. She paid a “whopping” 2.60. You’d think I just hit the lottery. I was ecstatic! I made .60 cents (and I didn’t even have to work for it). I thought, “That buys a coffee and several doughnuts at my morning, bus-stop drugstore.” This coming from a kid who had just been hired as a clerk at another drugstore for .90 cents an hour.

Yes, that, as they say, was the start of a “beautiful friendship”. I’ve gone from “cardboard” pari-mutuel tickets that looked like lithographic art to betting through ADWs. Yet, it’s still the same game. Yes, it’s as exhilarating as ever when one of my picks “pops”. The only difference. Well, I’ve come a long way from $2 show bets and, I might add, bets that I’ve made with my eyes closed.

I’ll be back later with my Belmont picks.

06-03-2017, 11:14 AM
Great read, thanks for sharing. I always enjoy reading your race prediction write ups, and even if I'm not wagering I still enjoy following along and rooting for your selections. GL today!

06-03-2017, 01:12 PM
Race One:

:3: My Uncle Al barely missed in this company at Santa Anita about one month ago. “Double-A,” Angel Arroyo, is up for Robertino “Beto” Diodoro. Diodoro does well with shippers. Others: 6, 5, 4

Race Two:

In this MSW 11-panels turf route, I’m picking :8: Blenheim Palace. This fill came on belatedly against similar company a little less than one month ago. Johnny V., “The Hall of Famer,” is in the irons for “Shug” McGaughey. McGaughey does well with beaten favorites. Others: 6, 5, 2

Race Three:

:6: Monster Mash is my pick in this claiming sprint. This 8 year-old has faced better. He’s proven he can win at this level. “The Bug,” Hector Diaz (his cousins are Irad and Jose Ortiz) is in the irons. Others: 3, 7, 4

Race Four:

In this allowance mile on the turf, n1x, my pick is :2: Fulmer. Fulmer is a well-bred Kitten’s Joy-bred gelding. Yes, he’s been away from the races; yet, I believe he can win here. Cornelio Velasquez in the irons for Linda Rice. Linda does well in the first-time-with a-trainer category. Others: 3, 11, 4

Race Five:

My pick in this claiming route is :6: River Date. This gelding was overmatched in his last. He’s now in with the kind he can contend with. Manny Franco’s in the irons. Others: 7, 3, 5

Race Six:
In this allowance turf sprint, I’m going with the :5:, Volatility Index. Manny Franco’s aboard for Chad Brown. “Mechanicsville Chad” is having an outstanding Belmont meet. Others: 2, 4, 3

Race Seven:

This is my longshot pick of the day: :10: New York Song. I like the turf breeding (never raced on the grass, before), especially on the bottom. Rick Violette, Jr. hasn’t saddled many; yet he’s an excellent trainer. Jose Ortiz rides. Only caveat: this colt has been “on the bench”. Others: 4, 3, 5

Race Eight:

In this claiming sprint, I like :3: Summer of Joy. This filly has faced better; she should be a “contendah”. Cornelio Veasquez rides for John Toscano, Jr. Toscano does well with horses going route-to-sprint. Others: 4, 6, 10.

Race Nine:

In the Grade III Pennine Ridge, I’m picking :9: Good Samaritan. This colt has been competitive against some of the best turf horses in the country. Joel Rosario is in the irons for the “Hall of Fame trainer, Bill Mott. Others: 6, 2, 7

Race Ten:

In the finale, a turf route, I’m picking :6: Knight Errant. This gelding has faced better; now stretches out. Manny Franco for Nick Zito. Others: 11, 10, 8

06-03-2017, 03:42 PM
Good Luck if you're playing the Pick-6. I believe that it will come down to the four horses that I cited in my picks.