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05-06-2017, 12:09 AM
I am betting Tapwrit and boxing an exacta with him, Classic Empire, and Gormley. I think they will move up in the slop.

05-06-2017, 08:38 AM
For better or worse, ex, tri and super

:14: :18:/:7: :11: :14: :17: :18:

Fred Mertz
05-06-2017, 08:44 AM
:10: Gunnevera

I'm heading to Keeneland for Derby Day with a few friends.

Glad I haven't seen much buzz on #10.

I threw down 10 clams on :13: in the Oaks and got lucky yesterday.

GL to all!

05-06-2017, 10:46 AM
Going with the horses that came through Tampa and Irish War Cry.


Of those I like Always Dreaming as the key horse. He is just much better than this field.

Will add :2::9::14::20: underneath for the tris that I am keying Always Dreaming on top.


05-06-2017, 01:33 PM

:2::15::19: equal secondary picks

:18: saver

Good luck to all

05-06-2017, 01:49 PM
I'm with OP on :16: Tapwrit. I'd say he's emerging as a wise guy pick, but he's still cool on the tote. Am I the only punter that likes :11: Battle of Midway? I liked :17: Irish War Cry and :10: Gunnevera before their odds inflated, less enthused now. The :14: Classic Empire is starting to look reasonable at 8-1, we'll see if the price holds.

At the moment I plan to bet :16: to win and key/dutch him with some of the early runners in the exacta, maybe put together a few trifectas.

05-06-2017, 03:08 PM
Ex: :10::14::19: /:10::14::15::18::19:
WPS: :19:

05-06-2017, 04:00 PM
The Five Dollar Fill Up Mile topped by two horses that came through Tampa. A very good sign for the the Finger Lickin' Good Derby.

05-06-2017, 04:08 PM
:11:,:16: Win
:16:+:11:,:14: Exacta keybox
:10:+:11: Exacta box
:10:+:11:+:14:+:16: Trifecta box

I dutched the two win and six exacta wagers, but just played the 24 trifectas straight; it's pretty symmetric with early/late, chalk/shot.

05-06-2017, 06:02 PM
Two dollars to win on :7:, :9:, :11:, and :18:.

05-06-2017, 06:51 PM
I'm going with the long shot Irap for $10.
Also, a 50 cent tri box 2. 5. 9. 14 and 17.

05-06-2017, 06:55 PM
:19:, Practical Joke

:12:, Sonneteer

:14:, Classic Empire

:10:, Gunnevera

Win bets on :12: & :19:

Strongest exotics with :14: & :19: on top.

Exacta, tri and super boxes.

05-06-2017, 07:27 PM
I'm going with #9 irap

05-06-2017, 07:33 PM
i hope you win