View Full Version : Race Shape Betting

04-30-2017, 08:58 AM
In a race like this do you guys consider making exotics tickets namely tri and super based on possible race shapes? For example:

Stalker w, closer, w speed hanging on w long odds closer passing tired horses etc... or something like that based on how you think the race unfolds. In the perceived wide openness of this race I may make a few super tickets using that thought process.

Irish War Cry, Always Dreaming w/ Gunnevera, McCraken, w/ State Of Honor, Battle Of Midway w/ Lookin at Lee, Sonneteer

Robert Fischer
04-30-2017, 04:45 PM
Normal Derby = Not an unbiased race, but the normal bias.

Unusually Slow-Paced Derby = freakishly allowing bums to hang around

Unusually Fast-Paced Derby = freakishly allowing bums to close from far back

Unless you have a good reason for the race not being run in a normal way(focus almost completely towards), or have just a few contenders that you are dying to use if only the race was a little less biased toward them(small lotto ticket), stick to wagering for a Normal Derby.