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04-02-2017, 07:19 PM
As an owner and breeder, we get to see all phases of the development of the awesome horses that this forum follows.

This time of year is always exciting as our mare, Miss Matzo, gives birth usually between March 25 and April 4 every year. She has now had 6 FILLES.

And, last Monday, on a farm in Saratoga, she gave birth to the latestt Filly at 4 am.

I always asked to be called be there - but the farm is about 45 minutes away - and by time they call and we get there - it is too late.

So, once the new horse is born and looked at by the vet, we had to the farm to say hello.


This year, she gave birth to another filly with white streaks on the nose. And, after being nurtured to go naturally for nursing, the two of them were right at home.

It is amazing to see how LONG the legs of a new horse are - and they want to be mobile as soon as they get stable on their legs. There is an outside enclosed paddock that they can spend some time - once they are ready.

And, the day the birth takes place, we start a countdown to send Miss Matzo to Kentucky for her next breeding. By 24 days from the day of birth, she and the filly will arrive at her favorite farm - and she will be prepped for breeding day.

Each time it has "taken" on the first shot - and then about 7 more weeks of relaxing in Kentucky before being shipped back to New York as all her horses are New York Bred qualified.

There are often a few small problems or challlenges along the way - but Miss Matzo knows the ropes and it will be pretty smooth.

More about breeding in a few weeks.

04-03-2017, 09:31 AM
Congratulations with the new family member. We have bred for the past 8 years and have had a few good ones. NY breds are a competitive group and no one needs to tell you the purses are tops. Keep posting on how your newbies development is going. Best of luck this year as well!