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04-23-2001, 12:06 AM
Just read all the posts in this section. You guys sure seem like you know what you're talking about, very very interesting. I have really enjoyed reading these posts.
For the guy trying to figure out Keenland, GOOD LUCK, tuff tuff meet, short, the best horses in the world go and try and snag some of that good money.. It's the elite, just like Saratoga. Great meets, great horses, but tuff to handicap, at least for me.... I am not from CA., lived there once shortly, maybe things seem bad in CA. from there, but from where I'am at it looks pretty good,
super nice horses, all look like a million, good trainers, the best riders in the world are there, and of course without a doubt the best annoucer to ever live, I could be blind and see the race just listening to him call, he's the sizzle that sells the steak.............. can you tell I like Santa Anita????
Anyway, just my opinion for whatever it's worth....
You guys have a great Day!!!!!!!!!!!
May all the tickets you cash be big ones!!!!!!

04-23-2001, 01:13 AM
Hi Leslie
When is Woody going? How do you like the Prairie?

I appreciate what you said about this Board. You can learn a lot by reading a bunch of knowledgeable people.
Lots of them are program handicappers. I can't do it. Its amazing someone my age learned to use a computer, but then again I learned to read with a racing form. Whats that about necessity being the mother of ........

04-23-2001, 04:55 AM
Watching Santa Anita on TRN is a pleasure. I prefer fuller fields but the quality of horses they have is certainly head & shoulders above the other tracks' stock they showed, including GP and (my favorite meet) FG. I can see why the So Cal folks look foreward to the SA meet.

Woodbine is another track I enjoy watching, but there's a huge speed bias there right now. Ft Erie is damn nice; the walking ring on tv looks a little like Saratoga with the huge trees. The well kept small wood frame houses on the backstretch with the hanging flower baskets are a nice touch. Beats the ugly views tracks like Great Lakes Downs (no offense, Whitehos) and Beulah/ Thistledown have.

04-23-2001, 09:52 AM
Hi !, Well horses shipped great talked to mom on Fri. she said she was going to train Sat. There's a race for Woody on the dirt there (PRM) may 5th-Derby day!! He should run good, everybody thinks he's just a grass horse, but mom and bro, think he'll run just as good on the dirt, now that his feet and mouth are healed up..... plus $40k purse, we got to take a shot, then we'll go to canterbury and run on the grass, with some easy,(hopefully) competition.. Don't give up on glitz, he's doing good, and getting off that hard surface at OP, should really help him, plus he'll also like the easier competition, and I think she's gonna run him for a tag, don't want to lose him, but he needs to win one, to keep his heart pumped up. I've got another to bet later, we'll cash a gamble on this one, he was in some bad shape at OP this winter, think he'll turn around.... If you saw his form you wouldn't bet, that's how bad it is, the guy that had him was running him to death, 5 times in march, he was weak,we're freshing him up and fattening him up, and he should fire, should be a real long price.... I'll let you know when he gets in, I'll email you....
Have a great day...............