View Full Version : Linux/Wine/PlayOnLinux Question

01-31-2017, 12:30 PM

Still running Mint 18, mainly because the new Linux machine has more or less become the daily user running all the basics (web, mail, etc.) that gets used 95% of the time. But, I've been sort of lazy about really pushing things and learning, though I've tinkered with using some of the 3D modelers/renderers (FreeCad, K3D, and of course old friend Blender) since that is one thing that I like to play with.

However, I'd really like to pull myself away from firing up the Win7 computer when I really need to do something, and to that end I've been trying to get SketchUp17Make running.

I've followed a pile of guides trying to simply get the installer to run as it insists that I'm missing prerequisites presumably from the Win7 libraries. I've done most everything suggested but for whatever reason, when I try to follow a recurring suggestion to download and install the service pack updates for Win7, it just crashes if running with Wine Program Loader.

I'm just about ready to call it quits, but damn I hate to give up when I know that it can be done. Figured I'd post here on the off-chance that someone has been down this very road and is chuckling at me thinking close but no cigar.